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EXTREME FLIGHT 02-12-2007 12:29 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
Joe, I think in the coming weeks we will see a lot of guys going for the K.I.S.S. approach. Unless you are at high altitude power with a 50CC won't be an issue. The DA-50 really pulls this plane well, and I'm sure the 366GT will too. I received the last of the parts I needed to complete the Brillelli powered Yak and should get it wrapped up this evening, so flight reports are only a few days away.
Looking forward to some customer flight reports!

Maudib 02-12-2007 12:47 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
I was basing thrust measured with props/rpms/thrust fromt he Scott's Brillelli reports against prop size/rpms reported by Chris... should be close... again your milage may vary with setup, location and prop used... but the variance between stock and tuned pipe should be relational... i.e. if your stock muffler measures "X" amount... it should measure "X" more with the tuned pipe... approximately 4 lbs more...

Chris' rpm/prop should be putting out about 32 lbs compared to the 60 numbers... if he was to use a stock muffler... he'd see maybe 28 lbs or so...

I don't know what your figures are showing with your setup, location and prop... but you should see a similar difference in the two setups OR you were not seeing the benfits from a tuned setup... does that make sense?

Again... I agree with you... it should be great whatever youe setup is...

And my real point was people who seem to naysay the larger Yak as beign too heavy for a 50 setup... YET saying a 16.5 lb Yak with stock muffler will "do anything"

This plane can be built lighter or with a tuned setup for more power... either way it'll be sweet I think... and only until we get them in hands will we know for sure... btu that is ONLY a few days away now... :)

Yee haw!!! :)

YSJunkie 02-12-2007 01:39 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
MMOOSE - 1. It is my opinion.
2. Extreme Flight doesn't offer hundreds of different airframes.
3. You will never see a TOC 30% Yak come in at the manufacter's suggested RTF weight of 16 lbs. You'll be lucky to get the RTF
weight below 19 lbs. after you have purchased carbon fiber everything to lighten it!

JWilliams 02-12-2007 01:44 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
I cannot believe that after Chris posting those videos of pullout power and flight capabilities that ANYONE is questioning this plane. I make this offer, anyone of you questioning this plane, go ahead and buy it, if it is not what Chris said it is I will buy it. I met Chris at the 2002 TOC and he has never ever been anything but 100% honest.
Jeff Williams

TailTouch 02-12-2007 02:09 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
I was getting 7200 RPM on a DA-50/1060 pipe combo with a Mejlik 23x8 after about 6 gallons. Obviously vertical is never a problem with my EF 87" Yak.
This time around, I am getting the B-60 with stock muffler.

Numbers are just that..."numbers"

I had an 81" Lanier CAP-232 with a Brison 3.2 that would do amazing climbing inverted flat spins :D
Beat that...

Matt_McCarty 02-12-2007 02:13 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
I remeber 6-7 years ago i had a 87" laser 200 with a PE 4.2. What was the box advertised weight........15-16lbs.........actual weight.....19-20lbs........

Watching Chris's video makes no question in MY mind this plane is NOT heavy.....and will fly better than Great on a 50cc engine.

My pig for a laser flew good.....and im sure this Yak will be everything Chris says it is.

Ahum!......NOT HEAVY!

Yak Man 02-12-2007 02:27 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
"Flubber Powered" Yak w/ Unlimited Verticle, Beat that!
Last test flight, lost plane.
4 mile ceiling was limited by weak signal from radio. Plan to go with Linear Amp Radio next run.

JoeAirPort 02-12-2007 02:54 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
Yeah man it's way too heavy.....I want one. :eek:

zayzay1 02-12-2007 04:27 PM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
so here in florida my friends da50 with a pitts on his aerotech yak is just enough to do good 3d with but the plane is smaller than the sd yak, that after a side by side comparison, the sd yak is my other friend's and it flies only a bit lighter on the wings but for 3d on the da 50 with a pitts it is much better than the aerotech yak. both planes were weighed and aerotech was 18 and the sd was 16.5 with no lighten mods and no cf except for tail wheel on sd yak.

I see what you mean that the EF88 da50 with a pipe should be better than the sd on da50 stock. so it will probably have a bit less vertical without the pipe.

so the verdict is a da50 with a pipe, a really strong da50, or a brilleli 366.

from what I have found here on rcu and at the field a brillelli does about 400rpm better with a 23x8 than a da50,, so a little less than what a da50 should do on a pipe.

I retract anything bad I might have said about the EF88. and hope to buy one soon since I already bought the brillelli 366.

torqmeister 02-13-2007 08:50 AM

RE: new extreme flight rc 88" yak too heavy??
I think you will be quite pleased with your decision. I also think you will have the best 50cc Yak at your field.

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