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IFlyEm35 07-05-2010 12:32 AM

Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
A couple guys and I picked up 5 Skywriters and we are having a heck of a time getting them to run right.
We are all using 2s lipos for juice and JR radios (2 - 12X's and 1-9303).

Here's the situation:

The pumps are assigned to the gear switch and run flawlessly at max pump speed. However, when I put it on a curve so the pump stops below 1/4 stick then its extremely inconstant whether or not it will come back on when the throttle is advanced. About 40% of the time the pump will not turn on again coming past 1/4 stick. Sometimes I will have to work the throttle stick 3 or 4 time from idle to full before the pump comes back on. And other times I will have to recycle the switch to get the pump running again.

Now keep in mind if I set the pump to run at 100% at full throttle it is much more reliable. But its WAY too much flow. Its when I start slowing the pump down that it gets dicey. Also it seems to work a little better if I set the curve so the pump is running its slowest but NOT stopped with the throttle stick at idle. It seems that once the pump actually stops it doesn't want to start again.

Also there is numerous times that with the throttle between 1/2 and full that the pump doesn't come one on the first try. However if I cycle the switch continuously she will come one in 4 or 5 tries.

Anyway, I know its not the pump because 4 out of the 5 we bought act the same (the 5th didn't work at all out of the box). I sent Sullivan an email asking for a sample mix for JR (preferably 12X) and the said they have no idea how to set it up with JR only Futaba. I am not sure I believe that. But anyway, if there is anyone that has gotten their Skywriter to work consistently with JR please chime in before I take these pumps and throw em in the woods! [sm=angry_smile.gif]

You would think that something that was digital would work constantly. There would be no reason that I can think of that if the pump stops when I am at idle that I would have to pump the throttle 4 or 5 times or recycle the switch to get the pump to work again. And like I said it's not consistently not working or working. The only consistent thing about this pump is that its inconsistent.

Any help would be appreciated.

ggroyal1 07-05-2010 01:50 AM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
I use the left slider switch on my JRx9503, works great.

LESSOR2 08-22-2010 08:11 PM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
I have a Skywriter in my Lanier Giant Stinger with a G62 and a Bennet smoke muffler. I have exactly the SAME problem. "EXACTLY"!!! The first pump worked inconstantly and after 3 months failed. I sent it back to Sullivan and they sent me a new one. The new one lasted 8 flights and failed. I just pulled it from the plane and am sitting here wondering if I should try a 3rd Skywriter or another system. I am running it off of a AR7000 (gear channel) and a DX7. Pump is powered by a 2s lipo.

crash8384 09-23-2010 12:20 PM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
man stat really bites guys. i just got my new pmp and plan on using it on a 9303 with a 921 rx. but im going to use it on a 6v batt.if you guys get it straightned out let me know.

nitro wing 09-24-2010 10:06 PM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
weird i had mine on a 8103 last year and it performed 100% on a 2S and slaved to throttle. I think i put in some weird offset, that I had issues with, but it just worked fine then. havent used it this year though. I may still have the programming in the TX

ggroyal1 09-25-2010 02:35 AM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
DA50, Slimline Smoke muffler, JR9303, JR921


orthobird 08-18-2012 06:06 PM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
if you do not mind me asking, how did you program this? i want to do this also and we have same transmitter. thanks

ORIGINAL: ggroyal1

I use the left slider switch on my JRx9503, works great.

orthobird 08-19-2012 05:47 PM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
i flew the plane with this set up and there were no problems.  the smoke pump was attached to the charge lead on one of the two 5000 MAH Life A123 batteries (6.6 volts).  both batteries are connected to JR receiver using the EC3 connectors.<div>here is the flight: </div><div> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16Gjf3PxUto</div><div>the only thing is the function of this pump, i am concerned that it does not work well.  look at 1 minute and .04 seconds.  tell me what you think of this.</div>

Evenbigger D 08-28-2012 06:04 AM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
I have had several of these and one behaved as you described. Before tossing it I pulled it apart and found that the motor was misaligned. It is glued in place so I broke it free, lined it up and reglued, worked great. The problem is that there is insufficient torque to overcome the misaligment at lower speeds (voltage) and is nothing to do with programing.

muzzgail 10-03-2012 08:08 AM

RE: Sullivan Skywriter Programing for JR
I have one of these in my corsair. Radio is a 12X. I used a rotary button to adjust smoke rate and made a mix using aux 4 to switch it on. It works consistantly for me.

Hope this helps.


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