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doublebs 02-15-2007 10:26 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
no..... i fear he's got them in backwards . thats ok though . cripes i had to move the rear of my fuse over 1/2" after all glued up! i thought i was done.. but it all worked out ...but she's yet to fly!!! lol

BobH 02-15-2007 10:38 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
I built one several years ago and I still fly it with a G 45.. It is really a nice flying plane.. I didnt use the robart tail wheel.. its just wrong.. Instead I used a B&D nose unit and had it rotate foward.. simple to do.

doublebs 02-16-2007 01:47 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
man i wish i'd thought of that . too late now . great idea . got any pictures of it?

Jon72286 02-16-2007 11:21 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Hello all. I am new to this thread and I have a few questions that you might be able to help with. I am new to the giant scale scene. I have built about a dozen 40-60 size sport planes from sig, top flite, Carl Goldberg, Tower, and so on. I have good building skills, not expert but good. I was looking at giant scale kits and it seems like Top flite makes the most builder friendly and nicest kits for the sport/scale crowd. I like the Corsair and the mustang kit. Which one would be a better fit for a first time giant scale builder/flyer. I have built some smaller warbids but nothing of this size. Let me know what you all think. By the way, what a great looking bunch of Mustangs yinz have put together. Take care- Jon

Robinaire 02-16-2007 07:21 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Hi guys; I'm new here, and have an Atlas MX-50 engine, very strong, but some medical problems force me to sell it. Have several pics of it in a big P-47, flying with an 18-9, 4 bladed prop. Has a custom muffler for inverted mounting. Lee

doublebs 02-16-2007 10:52 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
hi jon . wow you've built a few planes! i don't know if this will help ya , but this is my first giant plane also . first gasser too! as far as building goes i have built a total of three planes . this being the third ! first one was a sig rasal i've yet to fly . second is the super chipmunk i built last winter . now this baby! i don't think that you my friend will have ANY problems building this kit . the manual is really quite good. except for on page 37 they tell you to mount the engine so that the back of the spinner plate should be 7 1/8" from the firewall "no matter what mounting method is used " . this was and is wrong . it wasn't until i searched for a tech notice on it did i find the correction of 8 1/8" . i've had some real head scratchers but it's all working out . i did tons of research before i started building , just looking for tips .

as i mentioned earlier on this page , splais has a good thread . i found masses of useful information there . the thread is quite old but it keeps chuggin along .

my fly'n partner is in the process of building the giant corsair as we speak . he has just started fiberglassing it . it's turned out real nice. i'll try to get some pics for you of it . it's also a very well put together kit . it has a slightly wider wingspan i think it's 87" . he's putting a g-62 in it .also his first giant, first gasser .

don't be fooled by some of my photos [they're all airbrushed ] lol , i barely know what i'm doin' . rest assured there WILL be lot's of knee knocking happening when i start to taxi this beast yet alone fly her !

get building!! and have fun! i'm sure that there will be lots of us here for a while yet to help out .


tomtope 02-17-2007 12:43 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
1 Attachment(s)
Oh man was i excited today already got gear doors and stuff from wayne. when i installed the first one though i broke the inner plastic trying to get it to bend to contour the wing oh well i did get a pretty good fit check it out.

doublebs 02-17-2007 03:05 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
tom looks unreal !! so how did you manage to conform the doors to your wing? also do you have a scanner? maybe you could email me the pictures from the instructions as wanye forgot to send them with my stuff and the faxed ones he sent me didn't come through so great . lemme know.


let's see more pics tom

Jon72286 02-17-2007 03:48 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Doublebs- Thanks for the advice. Well good (kind of funny news) My birthday is coming up and my brother (lives in DC) got me the GS Mustang and all the goodies like retracts, main and tail, air tank, fuel tank, pull pull cables and most of the other extra stuff to build the kit except radio components and engine. What a brother but hey, hes a Doctor lol and I help him fix his Harley all the time. Then my folks (live in Pittsburgh) got me the Corsair and all the extras except radio and engine. I was like WOW, I have the next two year or so worth of planes to build. They both got on tower and looked at my wish list so now I have two big planes. They were great gifts and I thought they spent too much but my pops sold his company and retired. Both are RC'ers Brothers a car guy and my pops loves building sail boats. Anyway, so now I have both planes and I dont know which one to start on. And oh yea, I also got to get about 2,000 bucks worth of engines and radio equipment but that will all come with time. Servo here and there every once and a while. I am giong to print out the thread on this plane and like you said do a ton of research. Got to find a real WWII ace to model it after. What have all you guys picked????? Take care and God Bless- Jon

tomtope 02-17-2007 04:17 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Yes i will scan them and email them to you but i didnt find them that helpful. the pictures were good but the intructions are for their plane so didnt make alot of sense to me. in order to get them to contour i glued flat pieces of metal inside the plastic (ok it was a hacksaw blade lol). But I think a stronger strip of metal might work better then i filled the bottom of the inner plastic with 5 min epoxy after it was formed then it formed the outter door. then after i glued the 2 pieces together somthing changed and thats why the inner plastic got broke but i can fix that. it will be saturday before i can scan them i have to go to work to scan because my home scaner is a brother combo and is out of ink so it wont let me scan lol made sense to brother i guess. talk to you tomorrow


Snaer810 02-17-2007 11:37 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Morning Tom, Morning ALL,

WOW....Those doors look great Tom...!!!!.......[sm=thumbs_up.gif]

I joined this thread about a month ago and everyone has been so helpful.......Lots of great information. Nice to be on a thread with no bickering going on....Been watching the DL50 thread and it really gets crazy over there.

But Welcome Aboard!!!!!.........;)

You say you used a piece of metal inside the inner door half to get the contour you needed?? Did you make the bend in the metal first and then bend and epoxy the inner door half around the metal? Where did you get the hinges...did Wayne include those with the door kit? Do you know why the inner door half cracked?

Well I have finished joining the wing panels and am in the process of adding the radiator sections...the rear section went together fine but I am a little confused with a few things to come........[sm=confused.gif]

There appears....(and I say appears, because I could be all wet....lol) to be some differences in the plan sheets {fuse cross section}, instructions/pictures and the actual build. Was wondering if someone could shed some light on these issues and maybe my Ford light bulb will go off!!

1) (The spelled out instructions say) that the W-1 ribs and bolt plate assembly indiactes that the centerline of the bolt plate is to be 1/16" below the W-2 rib centerline ("toward the bottom surface of the wing) I'm taking this to mean the actual bottom surface of the wing....which in this case everything fits fine. But the picture they show in the instructions, shows the wing already sitting upside down on the wing jigs and measuring the 1/16" from the centerline to the top surface of the wing.....if done this way the assembly does not fit at all to the dihedral braces, it creates a gap between the rib assmebly and the braces. Am I looking at this wrong???? I'm wondering if I goofed someplace........[sm=72_72.gif]

2) When sheeting the top of the center section of the wing it is showing on the cross section of the plans at W-1 that this sheeting is recessed in to meet the F-8C plywood plate, but it appears...(there's that word again....lol) that the sheeting has to be glued to the top of the F-8C plate....I noticed that also in your photo's Berrick that it was glued on top of the F-8C plate. How did all the sheeting in that area go together for you folks......ie. around the radiator and trailing edges and the FL2 ribs?? It looks like it could be interesting trying to mate the angle of the FL2 ribs with the angle of the F-8C!! Did the top sheeting overlap the F-8C or meet up flush?

Did everyting seem to meet up correctly when mating the wing to the fuse?

Anything you guys might be able to send my way would really be helpful, just trying make sure now so I don't have to tear it apart later.......[&o]

Talk to all soon


tomtope 02-17-2007 05:59 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
1 Attachment(s)
ok doublebs need email address i scanned the intructions and the second door i did by the instructions worked much better. here are some pics. I missed the location the first time thats why the gap is off at the frt but i can fix that, they are close enough for me off 3/64
but im not that good. and yes i did bend the metal first but in the instructions he has you build a step 1 then tack glue the inner and fill with wood and epoxy then glue on outer w/epoxy, let dry then pop loose. works way better that way here are some new pics.

doublebs 02-17-2007 10:41 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
hey tom thats fantastic !!! those doors are mighty impressive !! i know what you mean about the instructions , they're pretty vague . man i really appreciate the helping hand . ok here is my email bearmel@hotmail.com . i remember reading about the 'supplied notched plywood ' 1/4 " i think . i did not get one did you ?

thanks again


doublebs 02-17-2007 11:04 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
snaer that is one thing that i have forgotten about these instructions........they are written in a way that some of it seems wrong . if i'm not mistaken i think the confusion starts what they say and then the goofed up pic they have there . thing like this really cost me ALOT of grief and time . [jon take note , i left this out in my previous reply...] in the photo at the top of pg. 20 the wing is shown upside down , now , if you look at the small cicled spot you can see that they drew a center line and then the 1/16 line ABOVE it . the ply is centered on the line closest to the top [ read bottom of wing] its upsidedown remember. okay here's the deal , the magnified circle i believe is wrong . right away they show two centerlines on the le . then they center the ply on the centerline after they told you to center the ply on the 1/16" line [towards the bottom of the wing] . look at the small circle .forget the big one .

and yes i had some probs sheeting up to the center section . i spoke earlier of the splitting problem , thats what caused it . trying to roll the sheeting forward and then having to slope it up to the middle. all the water in the world would [for me] help bend that sucka!

Snaer810 02-17-2007 11:08 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build

Those gear doors look great!!!! Did those hinges come with the doors?

They sure add to this model.....I havn't ordered mine yet....but I plan to install them.....Thanks for all the information.

If anyone can help with my above post it sure would be helpful.....I'm kind of at a stand still until I can see what you guys did.

Thanks again,


Snaer810 02-17-2007 11:20 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Hey Berrick,

Thanks very much for the information...........That's what I thought too...just thought I would verify it and that I hadn't goofed or worse yet losing my mind...........LOL[sm=confused_smile.gif]

That does look a bit tricky getting everything to line up in that section around the wing and radiator.....Maybe I'll have to look at some other alternatives. Got any ideas pass them along.

So far the bulid has been going along pretty good, but when these plan sheets, instructions and pictures don't jive you sit there scratching your head for hours, wondering, ok if I do this...well this will work.....but then what will it do to fitting it to the next part...etc///etc. Getting a little frustrating to say the least.......[>:]

What about that sheeting meeting up with the F-8C plate? Did you glue right to the top of it like your photo's seem to show....It wasn't real clear.

Talk to you soon,

Thanks again for your help.....At least I can resume getting this Wing done.......and I always liked building the Wing.....LOL


Jan_Petter 02-18-2007 02:39 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
1 Attachment(s)
A picture of my mistake [&:], but I managed to get i right :), which still is wrong on a Mustang, as I have learned in this thread;). Looking forward to start to puzle with the doors, looks great! But, want to finish the fuselage first...

dragonfly24_24 02-18-2007 03:38 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
ok everyone i am sorry i did not post anything this weekend but i went out of town to visit my girlfriend. (hehehe) i will get back to building in a little while talk to you guys later. by the way those gear doors look great..

tomtope 02-20-2007 09:27 AM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
1 Attachment(s)
ok here are some more pics and poss video if it will load ck it out. also have not found a way to mount outer doors with inner plastic on them oh well think they eill do fine with out the inside. the inner doors with the prcision valve also open and close at every setting. video wont load.

dragonfly24_24 02-20-2007 12:02 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
tomtope, those gear doors look real good.

Novato 02-20-2007 01:39 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
I love this thread, your planes are coming along real nice, I have the ARC version still in the box (need to complete a 84" ME-109 from Meister plans), I'm picking up lots of tips, I plan to install full gear doors and sliding canopy too and being an ARC it will give me a few headaches but oh well.

keep up the great work.


v6goose 02-20-2007 01:47 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build

Me too Novato...

I'm goin' back to the kit version when mine finally gets off the ground.

Keep it going guys... great stuff...


Robinaire 02-20-2007 02:14 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Quick question, tomtope; What stroke on the door cylinders? Lee

tomtope 02-20-2007 03:17 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
Not sure what stroke ordered them from aerotech. they just list them as upper gear door cylinders sorry i could measure them for you if you need me to.

GR8LAND 02-24-2007 06:23 PM

RE: top flite p-51 giant scale build
[sm=thumbs_up.gif] Hey everyone............Just wanted to say what an outstanding job you are all doing. Have been reading this thread and must say you are all a gr8 bunch of builders. I just received my TOP FLIGHT giant gold in RTC and must say I can't wait to get started. I am putting the last two servos in my 33% extra 300 and my table will be ready for my mustang. One question I have is that this will be my first glass job and plan on using Z-poxy finishing resin..........is that the norm? Any info on glass would be appreciated.

Thanks to all who take the time to make this site available.

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