Hi all, I just received my 1.9M Viper and very happy with the beautiful airplane, as you now there is no manual, I got the wired version and is very nice, I have connected a receiver to the spark L/G, Lights and Brake controller and have make it work, the landing gear, the lights and brakes work as they should but I have a question, the spark controller have a deans battery connector, I will be using a HV Spectrum receiver and HV Servos, when I power the receiver, the controller is powered thru the receiver, even if i do not connect a battery to the controller so my question is, should I use a extra battery for the controller ? How much voltage can the controller receive ? I think if I use a battery for the controller less amps will be drained from the receiver battery.

Also there is a on/off button on the controller, when should I use it.

Thanks in advance