I have a 30cc Aeroworks Edge 540 that is sitting here ready to fly without an engine. My brand new OS33 blew a liner and ring. They replaced it and I sold it. I had decided to wait for the new DA 35 that was coming out the first of June. Now it’s mid-July and they are saying "many more" weeks.

I have some questions:
  1. If I wanted to convert this airplane to electric can you recommend the motor, ESC and batteries?
  2. Will I still get the same performance as a gas motor (or better??)? Equivalent to a 35cc gas.
  3. Will this cost me more that a gas motor?
  4. Can I use my same props that I would use for gas?
  5. I use the Hitex X4 charger. Can I charge the bigger batteries fast enough at the field to fly more than one time in a trip out?
Anything else I need to know appreciated. My only experience with electric has been the RTF foamy warbird. Nothing this large.