Hi, I took my Eindecker ARF out for its 20th or so flight and the motor brushes failed. [I see that new models have an improved motor]
Such a cute little plane, I hung it up and started thinking about alternative motors. After a month or so and a bit of bad weather I installed a Norvell .061 after a minor build up of the firewall and some fuel proofing. I used the tank mount combo from norvell and the cowling fit near perfect. And to my suprise the weight was still around 15 oz. [the recomended weight with battery pack] I did however make my own reciever battery pack with 4 AAA 600 maH cells to save on weight. While the fuel tank limited most flights to 8-10 min the flying was a joy. The long throw of the rudder made for some interesting aerobatics. And the .061 really moved this thing at full throttle. I have always thought of converting gas planes to electric. But never this. Compared to its electric flights this Eindecker acted like this conversion was meant to be. Even the painted pilot seemed to smirk a little.