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HOB .40 P-51 Mustang Conversion


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Default HOB .40 P-51 Mustang Conversion

Ive finally done it, ive convinced my friend, a teacher at school, who taught me how to fly to try a big electric. (actually, he just doesnt want to mess up the cowl on the nice fiberglass fuse) He has some smaller electrics, like the Alfa P-51, so has some electric experience. He just bought an old HOB .40 sized P-51 with fiberglass fuse, and has 2 unbuilt kits (he seems to like these, has built 6 in the past! Says they are the best .40 sized Stang kits ever built, and hes built a few of em all). I dont really know much about these planes, as they are out of production, but i do know HOB planes fly well. What would be a good power setup? Price is not really much of a concern, but cheaper is always better. He is still leary about lipo packs, so GP3300 cells would be best, Lipos are an option though. I was thinking something like a Mega 22/30 or 4120 series AXI motors, Hacker may be out of the price range. What are your suggestions? Has this plane been converted before? Ill look at other Stangs of this size for a general idea, but it would be greatly appreciated if a good Motocalcker could run the numbers for me.
Thanks alot
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Default RE: HOB .40 P-51 Mustang Conversion

I'm almost in an identical boat. After getting a lot of recommendations, I'm buying an Astro 25geared motor and probably an AXI 2820/10 or /12 for my two fun scale Dynaflite .40 size models. I might go to the 4120 AXI but they use 13-14" props so I would have to lengthen the landing gears one inch including a longer tail wheel wire for good prop clearance
( fixed gear on both due to wing structure design). I am holding off on LiPolies ( I'm cheap and don't like lengthy charging times or mulitple expensive packs) I plan on using 10-12 cell Sanyo CP 1700 - 2400mah nicad packs for keep weight down. There are many other possible motor/battery pack/prop solutions. I would advise you to keep weight down while having adequate power and duration. Speed controls with BEC save weight of a 3-cell flight pack.
P51's need plenty of take off speed using nudges of right rudder and like to be landed relatively fast using rudder to level wings and landed on the mains. Avoid sharply banked turns and keep moderate speed when turning onto final. P51's fly well going fairly fast but can fall out of the air in tip stalls when going too slow in nose up attitude. Good luck with yours and wish me some with mine!
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