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kochj 12-05-2012 08:56 AM

.05 brushless comparable to a 400 brushless

O.S. .05 Brushless Motor 3805-1200
Is this engine comparable to a 400 park flyer?

I wanted to use a dif. motor other than the following......

Great Planes Rimfire 400 28-30-950 Outrunner

It appears to be larger and heavier.

Great Planes ElectriFly SPAD XIII WWI ARF 34" Calls for the 400 Rimfire outrunner....

Any help would be appreciated...

Dr Kiwi 01-01-2013 09:26 AM

RE: .05 brushless comparable to a 400 brushless
Yes, it is a bit heavier (76g versus 58g) but if the little bit of extra weight doesn't affect the CG (on a bipe you might need extra weight in the nose!) it should be fine. The higher Kv (1200 versus 950) might mean you'd have to use a slightly smaller prop than the 10 x 3.5 recommended.. but maybe not [O.S. specs say 9x6 (3s?)-11x7 (2s?)]

This might be a better choice:


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