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bufordbob 11-11-2015 02:17 PM

Goldberg 120 size Monster Pitts:QUESTION
Need some help electrifying this bird,ideas about motorsize ,prop,batteries any and all comments appreciated.

blvdbuzzard 11-11-2015 07:54 PM

Here is a setup. Eclac says it should put out about 21 pounds of thrust. I have an older Pitts I bought from Hobby People about this size and this is what I was thinking of putting in it.



(2) 5s for a 10s setup


Dual battery connector.


I used the calc program with a APC 18x10 Electric prop.


Motor @ Maximum
Current: 70.88 A
Voltage: 35.83 V
Revolutions*: 7934 rpm
electric Power: 2539.7 W
mech. Power: 2271.2 W
Efficiency: 89.4 %
est. Temperature: 56 C
133 F

Static Thrust: 9877 g
348.4 oz
Revolutions*: 7934 rpm
Stall Thrust: 6888 g
243 oz
Thrust @ 0 km/h: 9877 g
Thrust @ 0 mph: 348.4 oz
Pitch Speed: 121 km/h
75 mph
Tip Speed: 684 km/h
425 mph

Hope it helps. You will of course need to get a watt meter so you don't let the magic smoke out. Also, on the bench, take the prop off or unplug the motor wire when ever the batteries or plugged it. That is a chop saw just waiting for an arm to eat.


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