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Originally Posted by Radial power View Post
Thank you very much.

Oh, and another couple of little things that I forgot: these multicylinder engines have a lot of metal to warm up when compared to a single cylinder engine with the same displacement. And they also have much more cooling fin area to dissipate heat. So don't be surprised if the engine takes a while to fully warm up.

For the first runs I'd avoid using exhaust collector rings and instead I'd run the engine on a test stand with the 7 independent exhaust pipes. This way it's much easier to see if a cylinder is not firing: you only need to place your hand an inch or so behind the outlet of each exhaust stack and feel whether the pulses coming out of the stack are crisp, "hard" and hot exhaust pulses (indicating that the cylinder is firing) or much weaker lukewarm "puffs" (indicating that the cylinder is not firing). You can always fit a collector ring at a later time if you want to, when you are sure that you do not have problems with dropping cylinders.
Thanks, I wasn't planning on using the collector ring at first for the very reason you mention.


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