I had picked up an Enya 120 R 4C sometime back from one of the members in forum. The engine came used.
I have now mounted the engine on my ESM/YT international Adrenaline 90.
Last Sunday I ran the engine, even after peaking the engine correctly I noticed that the engine spits out plenty of fuel from the carb intake, the spary from the venturi was very apparent visibly and also the person holding the model was getting a good spray.
Then later I also noticed that there was some oil leakage from the rocker arm cover area.
I would appreciate if any Enya 120 R owner would help in identifying the problems which may be causing this . Or is this normal for this engine.
The engine is mounted inverted and I am using 18% Klotz, Methanol and 7.5% Nitro mix as fuel.