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mike109 03-26-2012 09:22 PM

Magnum 61 four stroke rides again.

I have been wrestling with a Magnum 61 four stroke for about a year now. Its inlet valve was leaking. It would run but it was not really happy and it could be clearly heard leaking when it was turned over.

Initially I tried the old "lap the valves with tooth paste" trick. Twice. No go. So I pulled it out of its model (Great Planes Slow Poke 40) and put a new OS 62V engine in.

Recently I was buying a few things from Hobby King and there were new heads for $23 so I ordered one. It turned up yesterday and I fitted it in a few minutes.

After adjusting the valve clearances (quite different to the original head), I put it in the test stand, fitted an old MA 13 x 6 prop and fired it up. It ran really well.

So this one won't be going as a boat anchor after all. As a really low cost engine I was wary of spending more money on it but it seems my $23 was well spent. It is now in a Senior Telemaster ready to go.


Mike in Oz

asmund 03-26-2012 09:44 PM

RE: Magnum 61 four stroke rides again.
I did the same thing with my old and worn ASP 91 fs, it`s like new again now. Those spare parts from hobbyking are really cheap[8D]

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