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ckreef 10-28-2012 06:01 PM

Saito .91 rebuild, Power Point Presentation
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I needed to change out the bearings in my Saito .91 and wanted to find some guidance on the web. There are always people asking about vids that show a rebuild. What I found was a Power Point Presentation on rebuilding the Saito .91

Here is a link to that Presentation www.authorstream.com/Presentation/KevinKenny-259310-repairing-saito-91s-radio-control-engines-reseating-valve-91-sports-ppt-powerpoint/

I used it, along with a little bit of extra web instructions and rebuilt my .91. What I thought would be the only hard part was getting the Cam gear timming in the correct position. So following the presentation I coaxed the intake cam follower out and then made a timming tool.

Imade a timming tool using 12 gauge solid copper wire. I stripped a little insulation off the end and then filed the copper end down to a rounded point. Iadded a little heat shrink which made it just the right diamitier to fit into the cam follower guide. Pics of the timming tool and then the tool as it holds the cam (throughthe intake follower guide) in the correct position. I wanted to show how to make a simple timming tool so anyone following the Presentation can easily get the timming correct.

Igot the Saito .91 back together with new bearings, piston ring, and gaskets and got her fired up for 2 tank fulls of fuel. (About 20 mins run time). She runs like new and can't wait to take her up for a flight (Reactor 2s .60 sized Biplane).

John C 11-08-2012 09:12 AM

RE: Saito .91 rebuild, Power Point Presentation
;) Thanks for the link to the PP presentation and the tool simplification. I have a .91 I'll be overhauling over Christmas due to crash damage prior to installing in my old Aeromaster. I've historically timed Saitos by the set and pray method (successfully!) but like the ability to fix the cam rotation before installation.

John C

ttiep83890 05-29-2016 07:15 AM

Thanks for a good ideas. I follow and come out real good.

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