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a70eliminator 11-17-2012 10:54 AM

Saito twin Flex pipe pressue tap for smoke
Hi guys, I've got my 300T on the test stand trying to make smoke without using a pump. I set up a second pressure tap off the left pipe same location identical to the factory installed one on the right, I then brazed in my nozzles right close to the manifold. I'm using the dubro system that comes with the check valve and shut-off valve, I have it all plumbed in as directions but cannot get fluid to flow from tank.
I'm thinking that the flex pipe isn't allowing enough of a pressure difference between the head pipe and where the pressure tap is, being that the entire pipe is pretty close to the same diameter beginning to end, other than the cuff where the pressure taps are attached, anyone ever get smoke pressure off the flex pipes to work? I may have to just break down and get a and pump but I'm not giving up easily on this.

a70eliminator 11-17-2012 02:36 PM

RE: Saito twin Flex pipe pressue tap for smoke
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I know how we all like pictures so i added a couple for viewing what I have going.
I piched off the muffler pressure line and gave the tank a little squeeze and it instantly started to smoke so i know my nozzle and preheater set up works, tomorrow i may try again and maybe use a smaller tank and or raise it up a little higher but the fuel delivery system just isn't working now.

a70eliminator 11-21-2012 09:14 AM

RE: Saito twin Flex pipe pressue tap for smoke
IT SMOKES! Clouds of puffing smoke right out the pipes finally, after tinkering for a week to figure it out. I'm so excited, She even puffes without muffler pressure! I was just using coleman fuel from my camp stove for testing but now I have a gal of smoke fuel, I'll try making a video of smokeing no pump 4stroke.

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