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Daryl_y 12-26-2004 11:26 AM

Enya engines and after market mufflers
Are there after market adjustable and pitts style mufflers available for Enya engines? I have a Enya 60xf 2 stroke that preforms very well in a Ace Cloud dancer 60. The only problem is the motor is mounted 90 deg and the exhaust sprays right on the leading edge of the wing making clean up a pain in the a**and causing some fuel to getting into my radio compartment (Despite a good fit with the wing saddle). Also Enya seems think a hollow aluminum tube is a muffler and the engine is VERY loud. I've tried exhaust extension but can't keep them on for more than a few flights even though the are zip tied and rtv'd on. I Would consider buying another Enya engine because INMO mine preforms slightly better than .60 os/supertigre 2 strokes I've used but might rethink that if there are no other muffler options available.

Also I am looking at a new Enya 40BB for a Shrike 40 who has had good luck with these? I was wondering if there quality is still the same since MRC took them over. The Enya 60 I 've been talking about sat NIB for 8 years before I put it on a plane this summer

sigrun 12-26-2004 03:09 PM

RE: Enya engines and after market mufflers

Are there after market adjustable and pitts style mufflers available for Enya engines?
In three words, few if any? Perhaps one of CB/Tatone Universals might work?

From what I glean, Enya's complete lack of marketing and decline into a state of zero contemporary profile inducing minuscule market share over the past decade has been exacerbated by their decision to stick with proprietary dimensions for everything from the prop shaft and nuts through, mounting lug hole displacements and muffler mounts. After-market manufacturers going where the numbers are, have wisely done as so many O.S. clone contenders have in the huge 46 sport class and replicated exactly O.S.'s mounting lug and silencer fitment dimensions further isolating ENYA.

Making this isolation an even more significant issue is the ENYA 'bark'. Though ENYA engines do put out the grunt, their standard silencers simply can't be compared with O.S. product and are inarguably ineffective by any contemporary club standard. Not a hope at any flying field where db limits are rigidly enforced by the usual pretenders. With that 60, it looks like a pipe is the answer if the Tatone solution doesn't work. Either that or make your own (in-cowl muffler). I don't think ENYA have a quiet version of their standard muffler for the 60 as they do for the 40/45CX. You wouldn't want it anyway, as it slaughters the performance of the engine. Best bet for any older ENYA stuff is to try Sheldons.

The ubiquitious silicon extension is one residue deflection option, but which IME doesn't really assist effectively with exhaust redirection though it does severely choke engine performance in the vertical (under load). Only way to keep 'em on that ENYA exhaust stub is to drill and tie-wire them IME.

Pepe J 12-26-2004 07:14 PM

RE: Enya engines and after market mufflers
I've had success with a bead of JB Weld around the muffler outlet so the silicone deflector has something to bite onto. Clean the end off with alcohol or lacquer thinner and let the JB cure overnight. Place some high temp. silicone on before you install the deflector. Let it cure for a while before you place the zip-ties on. Never lost another one.

Permatex now has some High Heat Aluminum epoxies out. You'll find on the their web site if the JB weld doesn't hold up? I've never had a problem with it at the end of the muffler as long as things are prep'd properly.

Happy Fly'n....

downunder 12-26-2004 07:16 PM

RE: Enya engines and after market mufflers
This question was asked some time ago and after a bit of hunting I finally found it. Zagnut gave the info that the following engines use the same header as the 60X (according to the Macs site).
ASP .61
MVVS .61-.77
webra .61 speed
OS .50 FSR .61 FSR

However MRC haven't taken over Enya, they're just an importer. Enyas are still made in Japan by Enya so you have no worries about the quality. AFAIK the 40's have an iron piston which means they'll last forever IF you run them in properly.

sigrun...while what you said may apply to the Americans who are being screwed by their local importer, as an Aussie you must surely be aware of Model Flight here in Adelaide who are the Aussie agents for Enyas. It's hardly fair to blame a manufacturer for what a local importer does (or doesn't do). Likewise, why should Enya slavishly copy everything that OS does when Enya makes a superior engine?

sigrun 12-27-2004 03:44 AM

RE: Enya engines and after market mufflers
Hi du

Firstly, I'm definitely an ENYA fan, but not a fanatic. Blind devotion at any level isn't something that appeals to either my sense of either logic or justice.

As you say, "here in Adelaide". Convenient for you with walk-in availability, but a proper PITA for those of us elsewhere in Oz. Why? With MF focussing upon expanding their online business and Leo 'flying elsehere' now, it' is understandably between difficult and impossible to get Michael on the consumer end of the phone these days. If Chris answers, I simply hang up and won't deal with MF - surly, rude $%# he is. He needs a blunt reminder that it's our continued business us to pay his wages, not the other way around.

Outside dealing with MF direct, you can hardly find an ENYA anything "on the shelf" in any LHS so to speak. OTOH, those equally expensive bright blue coloured boxes proliferate. Now neither respective distributor, MF or ME offer dealers stock on consignment, so just why do you suppose that stock imbalance exists? Dealers put stock on their shelves which will move and turn a profit either through volume or margin.

IME Michael in particular and Model Flight have been good to deal with in the past, but I've noticed that of recent times, that hasn't been my experience whether inquiring on a personal level myself or through a dealer inquiry. As for ENYA, support is apparently better here than in the US, but having lived in the US, I also realise what US consumer customer service expectations are versus what Aussies'll put up with.

Model Flight wouldn't cut it 3 months in the US market without being bad mouthed just as MRC are if my recent experiences are anything to go by. Past dealings of several years ago were so good, I used to be one of Michael and MF's most vociferous supporters, but several recent experiences have had indicated to me that all is not as it was.

But back to ENYA. Reality is that O.S. is THE established best selling brand, certainly in Australia and the US and arguably worldwide. Other manufacturers having seen this are capitalising on it with their exhaust fitment and casing dimensions as mentioned in a previous post. This becomes self-propogating. The very fact can be witnessed than when looking for an exhaust fitment, where when searching for ENYA you don't go by manufacturer listing (though MACS do refer to some ENYA, but then MACS don't do in-cowl slimlines), but by looking at what other brand fitments are available to see what might just happen to coincidentally fit ENYA. If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what does. Sad, I wish it weren't that way, but there you have it. It's kinda like persisting with Comet and internal engines when every other airline in the world not dominated by influence of Empire had accepted the practicality and standardisation of nacelle mounted powerplants of Boeing 707's and Douglas's DC-8 as the standard.

Without exaggeration, except for my own self-effacing exploits of daring <self-deprecatory grin> ENYA have a zero profile at our field. Whether the distributor or manufacturer is to blame who knows or cares. No advertising, no stock on shelves, no magazine cash for comment "engine test" promos or adverts. Just look at the glossies ME shove in every other month in both the local rags for O.S. profile. MF do it for JR, but not for their ENYA product. Perhaps ENYA sells itself?. You certainly wouldn't draw that conclusion if you paid a visit to my field/s. Very much a case of spot the ENYA, and an amazing proportion of R/C fliers who've been in the game for less than several years haven't even heard of the brand! [X(]

I'm not saying ENYA's way is lesser technically. I'm saying ENYA do it differently, with more than a perhaps they can't afford to do so any more if they want to survive in the marketplace even as a niche brand, for that is what they have become. Maybe things are different in your neck of the woods where MF is just around the corner, but it sure as hell isn't up here.

At my age, I don't want an engine to "last forever" 'cos I'm sure not gonna'. I'd rather my hearing last me out my avmeds, and if that is assisted by ABC which can be in the air after a tankful and not having to stand next to a ringed or iron P&L for hours on the test stand, I'll happily accept that trade-off.

As for ENYA slavishly copying. I don't think they should do that, but I do think it would be wise of them to analyse and separate what is good about their engines, what is bad, discard the bad, reinforce the good, and standardise where they can with O.S. fitments for ancillary product if they aren't going to manufacture and market their own at an acceptable price. A typical example is ENYA silencing. I can verify right now that if anyone came and stuck a db meter on my standard silenced 45CX, I'd be persona non gratia. Put a bigger prop on I hear you say? Apart from the fact that it won't make a pinch of &*#$ difference in any meaningful way, I don't want a two stroke timed for delivery at 13k chugging along at 9k. If I wanted an poxy underpowered engine pretending to be a four stroke I'd have bought a Magnum or Saito in the first place. :D

It's high time ENYA did something about their silencing. That's simply undeniable. I love ENYA engines and will hate it if they disappear, but they are definitely now a niche engine in my neck of the woods whereas 20 to 30 years ago they were as prolific as O.S.
when every other modeller had an ENYA engine in his model instead.

Daryl_y 12-27-2004 08:48 PM

RE: Enya engines and after market mufflers
Well put guys, but speaking from here in the States I have not personally had problems with the Enya supplier here MRC. After only a few flights on my engine the back half of my muffler fell off in flight and was of course lost forever. A call to MRC had a replacement muffler on the way and was in my mailbox in less than a week. Although at $38.00 for a hollow tube was highway robbery.

Downunder unfortunately the mufflers that you listed that I could find info on (OS and ASP) were all non adjustable designs pretty much like the muffler I already have.

Pepe J I will try your idea of using JB to make a flange for my exhaust extension.

Like Sigrund said its a damn shame Enya doesn't get off their butts and make some new mufflers
because using them in scale and 90 deg ,in cowl or inverted applications is pretty much out of the question and knowing my flying skills my engine is definitely going to outlast the airplane that it is mounted on :) and then what?
$170.00 dollars for a .60 or $90 for .40 isn't a ton of money but why buy Enya when for the same amount you can buy OS or for quite a bit less you can buy ST or many of the OS clones that can be used in application you can imagine guess Enya thinks all there 2-strokes are going on 4-stars or something.

So Enya make some new mufflers its the only thing preventing me from buying another one.

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