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Daddiekat 10-25-2006 11:55 PM

Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF
Hi All, Just bought a used Super Tigre 3000 and am looking for the Manual in PDF format. I could not see it on the mftr's site and thought I'd ask if anyone can steer me in the right direction or, send me one ? daddiekat@shaw.ca.

Tks for any help anyone can be. Pete.

carrellh 10-26-2006 08:43 PM

RE: Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF
On this page
There's a link for "all engines" and one for G3250.
"All engines" covers G34 - G2300.
Between the two they should have most of the info.

There's no mention of a 3000 anywhere on the site.

Bax 10-27-2006 10:07 AM

RE: Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF
For operating your engine, the instructions for the G3250 will work quite well. Even the prop sizes are good enough as starting points, though, as always, you'll need to fly your model to see which prop actually does the best job. Prop the engine to run in the mid-8,000's or so.

Rcpilot 10-27-2006 09:35 PM

RE: Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF
The ST3000 was ported and tuned to give max output at 7900RPM.

Prop it for 7300--7500RPM on the ground and it will unload right into the sweet spot.

I had 2 of the ST3000 engines years ago. Ran them both for gallons and gallons and gallons of fuel. Probably 30 gallons of fuel through just those 2 engines. Got to know them REAL well and how they reacted to nitro, props, plugs, oil, etc.

I always ran Omega 5% fuel in them. The oil content is higher than the ST fual--but oil never hurt an engine and they ran great on the Omega fuel.

These are high compression ringed engines. 5% nitro is plenty. 10% causes detonation unless you want to run a cold plug and shim the head. Just a waste of time and a lesson in beating your head against the wall fussing with it. Just run them on 5% or even FAI 0% fuel with a regular ole plug. Tower plugs work great, as do the OS plugs--but they are just too expensive.

I ran either a Master Airscrew Schimitar 19-8 or a standard Zinger 20-6 and had them running right in the 7300-7500RPM range. Ungawdly thrust and vertical performance on a 12 pound plane.

Don't run it inverted unless you put the tank centerline even with the carb spraybar first. They flood easily at idle when the tank placement isn't perfect. Cline regulators work great on these engines. Perry pumps DON'T. Been there, done that. Wasted a season of flying trying to dial in 2 different Perry pumps and all I did was make myself miserable and practiced my deadsticks. :eek: CLINE CLINE CLINE!! Only way to fly.

Just run a large clunk and large fuel tubing if your going to run it without a regulator. If you get a Cline, medium tubing is fine for the entire system.

Carb problems? Can't make it run, no matter what ya do? Beating your head against a wall? Go get an OS 7D carb or a Perry carb or an ASP carb and you'll be smiling in no time. [sm=thumbs_up.gif]

Good luck. Let me know if I can help.

Daddiekat 10-28-2006 12:34 PM

RE: Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF
Thanks for the info. I do not know much about regulators and will look into them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Rcpilot 10-28-2006 06:41 PM

RE: Super Tigre 3000 Manual PDF

ORIGINAL: Daddiekat

Thanks for the info. I do not know much about regulators and will look into them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Look right here my friend.


This is your ticket to happiness. Basically, it turns your glow engine carb into a Walbro carb. Perfect fuel supply, regardless of attitude or heading. Perfect fuel supply, regardless of tank location or engine mounting position. Kind of expensive, but once you try one, you'll be hooked for life. I run them on little 40 size 3D planes. I can put my tank on the CG and mount my engine inverted, so that it fits inside the cowl. Install a Cline and tune the motor. Done. Go fly. Don't worry about my engine. Don't worry about flame-outs. Just go fly. I think I'm spoiled, because I know a lot of guys wouldn't invest in a Cline on a small $500 plane and engine combo with a small .75 2-stroke. I don't even give it a second thought. It's just like a servo or RX for my plane--part of the equipment I need to have fun.

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