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speedster 1919 12-21-2006 08:43 AM

Seems like every engines getting a club following and I searched for ST but couldn't find.
We better start one ! Super Tigre has updated their web site and has added dicontinued model parts listings.

Super Tigre has a carb reputation of rich midrange. Super Tigre web site says all midrange complaints is purely a tuning problem and means the LOW SPEED setting is still a little too rich. Don't argue with me--Do it with ST.........

pe reivers 12-21-2006 08:56 AM

A ST club member is easily recognised. They are the ones that know better, and thus don't have to run OS's

Cyclic Hardover 12-21-2006 09:39 AM

There is more than enough threads on the Super Tiger, enough to be gettiing sick of it

wcmorrison 12-21-2006 10:35 AM

Got a 51, great engine. Also got a Magnum, OS, TT and Saito. All are good engines.



Hobbsy 12-21-2006 11:18 AM

I currently have a G21-.46, .45 ABC, (2) .51s, a .61 ABC, K .90, new 2300, new 4500, and a fairly new 3000. All fine engines with fine carbs.

rcdude7 12-21-2006 12:40 PM

Supertigre, most either love them or hate em'.

My first R/C trainer had a new S-61K ABC powering it back in 1988.

I now have about 15 ST's in my fleet:D


XJet 12-21-2006 02:58 PM

I've got several ST90s and I love them/hate them love them/hate them...

The engines themselves are *very* nicely made (albeit you've *got* to check all the bolts before you run them -- a friend has lost two head bolts and several carby bolts because they were only finger-tight from the factory.

I know some won't agree but the standard carby is not very good.

I spent an entire day once, trying to tweak the needles on a well run-in ST90 so as to get a low idle *and* good transition. I could get either but not both. Inspection of the carby shows very well the reason why -- the fuel metering is too restrictive at very small throttle barrel openings if you tune it for a good mid-range. Tune it for a good idle and the mid-range mixture is too rich.

Yes, you can fart around with fuel mixtures that are "just right" (I used 0% and 5% nitro to no effect) and you can try idle-bar plugs etc -- then, if you're *really* lucky, you'll get something approximating a half-pie good setup. But why settle for this when just about every other manufacturer gives you a carby that can be tuned perfectly within about 2 minutes.

And, to prove the point, replacing the carby on an ST90 with an OS or other good-quality unit will transform that engine into a beautifully transitioning beast that also has an ultra-low idle speed and quite a few hundred extra RPMs on top to boot.

I'm sure some will agree -- others will steadfastly deny that there's a problem with the ST carby and say it's just that some folks don't know how to tune them.

lwmatch 12-21-2006 05:42 PM

Just a little info. on my 3250's. Reading and rereading sooooo many posts on these engines, I still bought one cause I ain't never had any kind of engine I couldn't tune! Uh-Oh! Carb kickin my butt! Since I was going to run it inverted I wanted an easy starter, like my 4 os's. So bought the os7d carb, and like magic, engine ran good. This engine is on a Sig Rascal 110 f.y.i., starting still tempermental, so turned engine right side up. Took out flying and engine died prematurely. Hard landing broke landing gear, so only got two flights in that day. As doing a repair to the plane, put engine on test stand to retune, could not get it to start. Pulled head and I feel like it showed signs of getting scored. Spits, but it will not start. Sent in for repair. [warranty, I hope] Okay in mean time, got big ole plane, no motor, so maybe I order gas motor. After looking at the two bisson mufflers and other tiger stuff I have on hand, couldn't write off ST's just yet. So, I let my two sons know they were buying me a new engine for Christmas, yippee!!Two day shipping got motor yesterday. Put on my bisson muffler with one port plugged and installed original new tiger carb. Install my 18x8 topflite prop and got w.o.t. to tach about 8300 r.p.m., but midrange sloppy, just like my other engine was with same carb. I installed a 20x8 prop I had on hand, and wow! Totally different engine!!Readjusted the high and low needles, now w.o.t. is 6600r.p.m., but transition from idle of 2300r.p.m. to 6600 is flawless!!It seems like this big engine needed more of a prop load on it to use the fuel. Once back on plane and in the air, I may regret my engine choice, but after running 1 1/2 gallons on test stand, I am a happy camper. I'll update my story when I get back in the air.

p51b 12-21-2006 06:25 PM

:)I have no experience with the new generation Chinese ST's, but I have two Bluehead 60's, one S-61 ABC, and three Como 51's(made by ST for the old World Engines Co.) and have found nothing more reliable or easier to handle. They all have the old style MagV carb which is, in my opinion, one of the finest carbs ever put on the street. The Bluehead is in a special place with me along side my old long shaft Fox .59 as one of the best and most reliable engines I have ever used for either competition or sport flying.

I also have a NIB Chinese made GS .45 ABC which I have never gotten around to running. I do have a few reservations about the piston fit/cylinder taper on it, though. It seems to have significantly more taper and a tighter fit than any ABC I have ever used (including OS ABN, OPS ABC, Rossi ABC, ST ABC, K&B ABC). Looks like it is one that will need to be preheated before starting for the fist time, and then just hope for the best.

buzzingb 12-21-2006 07:03 PM

OH Thank YOu, THank YOu, Thank YOU for starting this.
I love, now Love Super Tigers engines. I once hated them when I didn't understand them. This all started when I was wrestling with a 2300, but once I beat that thing into submission I love them and have since bought several more. I believe they are a bargain and if it werent for their afordable price I would be broke. I believe they will last a long time and run very well.
I will list my stable of engines below.

Two 51
61 ABC

rc34074 12-21-2006 07:07 PM

I have several g90s and a couple of chinese 2300s. All run very well after broken in and tuned. I finally wore out a g90 last summer after 8 years of frequent running - horrible engine!!


Cambo 12-21-2006 07:57 PM

my st 40 runs geat :D:D:D

happypappy 12-21-2006 07:59 PM

Count me in!

skypupmut 12-21-2006 10:57 PM

I have 10 running S/T
2 x 3000
2 x 2000
1 .15 G diesel
1 x 61
2 x 60 G old model sweet engines
1 29
1 51

and I will not allow anybody to tell my big cats they are not supposed to run right
they do with some TLC

buzzingb 12-22-2006 09:56 PM

I can tell you one thing about the 51 and that is it can handle a 12X6 Master Airscrew K Series with authority. It almost spins it at 11,000 on the ground and I estimate it exceeds 13,000 in the air. I was reluctant to run this prop on the little 51 but it proved to me that it can handle it. The thing starts to sing the prop in the air with a little windup. The transition during hover is good to and idle to full throttle is fantastic. If you want a torquey and powerful 50 size engine by all means give it a try at $79 and if you act now you can receive a $10 gift certificate, that is what I did. I believe in squeezing ever dollar for all you can get out of it. THe 51 doesn't have a nickel liner to peel on you either like the OS and others.

Flyboy Dave 12-23-2006 01:38 AM

I had great luck with my three Super Tigers....I had a .45 ABC type, a .61 ringed
and a 3000 ringed. I do have a Magnum carb on the 3000, because the one that
came with it looked like it came off a smaller engine, and i just didn't like the looks
of it. :eek:

I bought a new Chinese .40 ringed, with the "silent muffler" for a friend last year as
a gift. That little 40 is one of the sweetest engines I have ever seen run in 37 years
of running engines....and it was fifty bucks from Tower....the perfect engine for any trainer. ;)


thisoneused 12-23-2006 10:46 AM

I'm kind of shocked to here anything bad about the SuperTigre G.90 engine/carb setup.
I dont think I have done anything but adjust the high end needle on both of mine....that's two different engines with the same results.
Maybee I just got lucky and happened upon two engines that seemingly run alike purchased over two years apart from eachother from two different places.??
One of the two engines is mounted in a GreatPlanes Cosmic Wind "Minow", and flies it very well. I must admit to you though, that it now has a Macs pipe on it. Maybee this makes the difference???
The other is on the Great Planes Fokker DR1. It of course would fly with a worn out .60 as well, but in regards to throttle responce, I dont see any issues with my G.90 ST. :)
I think the key may lye in the prop selection for the ST. My Minow not only has a tuned pipe, but also has a high pitch low dia prop on it.
On the otherhand, the Fokker has a large dia prop with lower pitch to clear that huge cowling area.
I bring this up because just a post or two before this one I read someone saying they realized the original carb worked well with a different prop selection.
I'm not saying I'm a ST "freek" because I own other engines as well and love them, like my Saito four strokes. I've had all the luck in the world with them and have no reason to switch to another manufacture of four strokes.
I've had luck with O.S. two strokes as well. Just dont like the cost of the new O.S. engines!

Have a good building season and Happy holidays,

Jezmo 12-23-2006 06:33 PM

I thought my little ST51 ran good with an 11X6 on it. After reading buzzingb's post about the 12X6 I decided to try one. I was amazed at how well that engine pulls now. I am getting about the same rpm's on the ground with the MA prop and I don't know how many it is turning in the air but it sure pulls good. I think Hobbsy said in another post it is the best kept secret out there. I agree, I love this little motor.[8D]

buzzingb 12-23-2006 07:31 PM

Jezmo, it seems like the little 51 has the torque of a diesel with the ability to revup like a race car. I tried several props this engine and and the 51 pulled them all without complaining a bit. It pull like a 61 in my opinion.

telejojo 12-23-2006 08:16 PM

I ordered a ST.51 to power my 40 stearman.It says you you can use a 60 4c so I hope it will work out..........

Not24 12-23-2006 09:26 PM

I'm about to try a slimline muffler on my 2300. It's a nice engine, and the pilots at my field love the way it sounds/runs. I just ran my G90 the other day. The setup was not right, but saw enough to know this engine is going to be a sweet performer. I had to run a poor propeller choice, but I wanted to hear it run. Eddy like very much!

XJet 12-23-2006 11:27 PM

Well yet another member rolled up with a new ST90 this week (in an Extra 330L).

Lovely idle, great power -- lousy transition.

Needles tweaked, plugs changed, fresh fuel -- it still spits smoke and burbles in the mid-range.

Nothing new here :-)

Not24 12-24-2006 09:54 AM

I'm sorry to hear that. My engine, after only 16 oz of fuel, will transition faster than any servo can move the throttle. It can go from a 2500 rpm idle to wide open as fast as you can move the pushrod. I found this to be simply amazing. That is with the stock muffler and glow plug, an out of balance wood 14-6 Zinger, and 15% Omega. I'd suggest increasing your nitro to 15% before condemning the engine.

NM2K 12-24-2006 11:08 AM



ORIGINAL: rcdude7

Supertigre, most either love them or hate em'.

My first R/C trainer had a new S-61K ABC powering it back in 1988.

I now have about 15 ST's in my fleet:D



I like them too. You have a lot more than I do, though. About twice as many.

My favorite Super Tigre engine was a .35 R/C engine that a friend gave me. That was one fine running engine and had the power of most forties of the day.

Ed Cregger

buzzingb 12-24-2006 11:27 AM

YOu have to give the Super Tigers a little longer to breakin and get the needles set properly. I like to adjust mine slowly each time I go out to fly it. I do all my engines this way but some will let you know if you go too fast and super tiger is one of them. I believe this gives the engine the extra lubricant and cool combustion flame it needs with a ring to get set properly. Just my opinion but no proof that this is the right way. Just give the 90 more time and you will be rewarded. The Super Tiger is more finnecky to needles being set properly than some engines and to the correct tank planement.
The 90 will swing the fire out of a 13X8 theree bladed prop if you are running one on a plane with limited ground clearance like a mustange etc..

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