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c140flyer 07-24-2003 12:44 AM

OS 61SFH carb
Hi Folks,
I'm new to this forum and have a problem with my OS61sf which came installed in a PHI Tornado 2 heli I purchased used. I was having problems adjusting the carb settings. I emailed OS and I could tell from their instructions that I was looking at a non- OS carb. A friend quickly picked up on the fact that the carb was really from a Supertiger and that particular carb is difficult to adjust! I would like to find the right carb (which I beleive is a 7H). They are apparantly quite rare. I did find one at an Austrailian site for $128 aus! If I can't find a "cost effective" carb, is there an alternative that works as well? I know that Perry makes one (model 4500) that sells for $42(US). It appears to be for helis. Does anyone have any experiance with these or can point me towards a good OS 7H carb?
Thanks in advance. I've found some really great advice on this site but this is my first official post.

Bax 07-24-2003 01:00 PM

OS 61SFH carb
The O.S. Max #7H carb is available in the U.S. Here's the stock number and suggested retail price:

OSMG2502 27381011 CARB #7H .61 HELI $109.99

These parts can be ordered through any hobby retailer who sells O.S. Max engines and accessories.

c140flyer 07-24-2003 01:25 PM

OS 61SFH carb
Thanks Bax,
I did find that tower has them for $89. There is also one on Ebay that looks like it will go for cheap money because it has a piece broken out of the body on the mounting collar. (Not sure how that would effect things). I should pull the head off the engine to determine if it's worth putting $89 worth of carb into a 10-15 yr. old engine.

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