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Novus CP Noob Pitch help.

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Default Novus CP Noob Pitch help.




I'm new here, and i'm in a bit of a dilema, Ihave recently purchased a Walkera 4g3, When Iwas ordering it Igot it without the wk2601 transmitter because Iown a wk2801 Pro.
My problem is setting up the Transmitter with the receiver, first let me tell you a bit about the heli itself, it has stock brushed motors, only upgrade is a metal head/swash combo.
The receiver is a rx2605a so Iknow it should be able to run on 2801, Iset up the transmitter to CCPM, that seemed to fix some of the issues, but now when I increase the throttle
the main blades start off fine, as Iincrease the throttle more and more the blades do almost a complete reverse (blow air from the bottom up, instead of the other way around)
Ifound a website where someone uploaded setting for the rx2605/wk2801 so I adjusted everything that it showed, however im not sure if the settings apply to a stock brushed motor,
since the person mentioned a brushless main motor (those come with speed controller). So if someone out there has the time to help me, I would really appreciate it. If someone
has a 4g3 rx2605a/wk2801 with stock brushed motors, can you please post all your settings for your transmitter. It's driving menuts, Ihave no clue what Im doing wrong, here is a
link to the transmitter settings that Iused to setup my transmitter, maybe someone can look over them and tell me what wrong. Ijust want the basic setting so that Icould atleast get
it off the ground. Thanks in Advance. Link >http://www.walkera-heli.com/forum/vi...hp?f=12&t=4266

P.s The wk2801 pro transmitter Iown came with a Walkera Creata 400, so Ihad to set up a whole new mode/settings for the 4g3.

I just bought a used 4g3 on ebay and am having the same problem exxactly with the stock trans and rx, it has a double brushless conversion. how the heck do i fix this darn thing. it jut pushes itself to the ground. HELP!
Trans WK 2601
RX WK 2605a
This is my post from the Walkera forum. I just swung it over here, just trying to get som help. Its like the pitch is reversed or something, Im having all the same problems as the guy above, but i have a stock transmitter the wk2601. I bought this heli off ebay used im not sure what was done with it but i know it has the double brushless conversion from WOW hobbies. Ive messed with the dip switches to no avail. I went to the LHS and looked at a new one and made sure all the linkage looked right, and that the servos were plugged into the right slots and i belive they are. If any body can help I wiill be forever grateful, Ive spent 6 or 7 hours on it so far and am getting frustrated.
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Default RE: Novus CP Noob Pitch help.

Which way are the blades rotating? If they aren't rotating in the right direction, pull the plug apart between the motor and the speed control and plug it in opposite! Voila!!

EDIT: Actually the more Ireread your post, it sounds like your mixer is backwards. You would have to flip your blade holders (with the two end ball teeter-tawter)180 degrees going over the top. Thisshould cure the problem.
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