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xe CPv3goesfull throttle

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Default xe CPv3goesfull throttle


I have a axe cp v3 here. It is my stepfathers heli. Well he tried hovering it and it tipped over and did a couple of flops...chicken dance . He said he couldnt get it to spool up after that. So I took it, and after spinning the rotor head by hand a few times making sure there is no binding, I plug it in and it starts to spool up like normal. SO I bring it in the kitchen to hover it and it spools up good...then I have no more throttle control. Its spinning preety fast and I cant control it. I tried sticking something under it so it didnt leave the ground but it tipped over first. The battery came un hooked and it stopped. Fixed the parts that broke. Now If I plug in the battery, it spools up immediatly. I cant stop it from spinning.

I tried normal and idle up...throttle up and down.... same with trims..

Anyone have any idea whats up?

I also unhooked the motor ground cable and plugged battery in. This showed me that everything works correct besides the throttle.
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Default RE: xe CPv3goesfull throttle


What you describe should not be possible. The esc is designed so that the main motor will not get power until the throttle stick is at zero throttle.

If your main motor starts to run as soon as you plug in the battery I would verify that the esc is plugged into the correct channel on the receiver.

The esc plugs into channel three. There is a picture in the V3 manual in the gyro installation section that has a picture of the receiver.

You can download the manual from the Helimax site.

Also make sure the three wire connector from the esc is not plugged in "backwards". The white wire should be inboard on the same side as the orange wire
that plugs into channel 5.

So, I would pull all the connectors out of the receiver. Plug in the esc to channel 3. With the throttle stick all the way down, off, plug in the battery.
The main motor should not run. If it does then my guess would be a bad 3 in 1, but this would be a very unusual failure.

I don't know if the V3 radio has a reverse switch for the throttle. If it does, and if the main motor goes to full power as soon as you move the throttle then
switch the throttle reverse switch to the other position.

Good luck.
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