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Skiking15 11-07-2011 05:39 PM

novus 125 cp: my first heli ever!!!:( help me!
so, last year i bought the novus 125 cp from tower hobbies. it is the first heli i've ever owned. i already fly airplanes and wanted to give choppers a chance. little did i know a micro sized collective pitch heli was not a good first choice. at first i logged about i don't know 2-3 seconds before crashing into the wall. the whole head was busted. then it kinda clicked and i learned to get it to a hover. not much but just a couple short hovers and landings. now, i can fly it around my house and land on tables and move just about anywhere BUT i still have been trying for MONTHS to get nose in flying. i can only fly with the tail pointing towards me or its break dancing on the carpet lol. i cant get it down some how. just the conversion from tail to nose in orientation gets be into a crash. i need help from someone who knows what i'm going through and can help me make a decision on what path to take. i have the money to get this nice looking co-axial heli called the walkera 400 e-sky i think. it looks like a coast guard rescue chopper. should i get it or should i keep busting rotors trying to learn. i just need a way to get the trick to nose in. no sims because my computer is a dinosaur. im only 15 so i don't know a whole lot about helis lolhttp://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/js/f...n/confused.gif<br type="_moz" />

olefart 11-07-2011 06:50 PM

RE: novus 125 cp: my first heli ever!!!:( help me!
The thing to do when learning nose in is to get your brain reversed... As the heli comes towards you right is left, and left is right. If you need to turn left, you move the stick to the right. It takes practice to process this in your head fast enough to keep up with the speed of the bird, but start out at a real slow speed, and PRACTICE. It may be better for you to back off of the real small Cp heli and get a co-axial to learn the sticks better. GOODLUCK!!!

dragus359 11-07-2011 07:50 PM

RE: novus 125 cp: my first heli ever!!!:( help me!
Honestly, your best bet is to get a simulator.  Exactly how old is your computer anyway - cuz the free sims are pretty bare-bones.  Given this advice, I am a heli pilot who learned nose-in the hard way, and the no.1 thing for me was forward flight.  I know, getting the heli to face you in a hover is a challenge enough, so contemplating doing that while it's also flying at you might sound like a bad idea, but it's not.  Especially since you come from an airplane background, forward flight will make way more sense than a "simple" nose-in hover.  At first, it won't be pretty, and you may get a few crashes here and there, but it'll click, trust me - you just have to let go (and fly high lol).  Forward flight eliminates some of the unpredictable movements, because the heli already has momentum in the forward direction.  This lets you have more time to correct mistakes in nose-in.  The only downside is that, when things go bad, they'll probably end in a crash, but you'll live.  As far as co-axials, I've never owned any serious ones, so I don't have any recommendations there.  I imagine that they would be helpful, but after you get the basics down, they aren't too exciting.  Anyway, hope this helps.

A. J. Clark 11-07-2011 09:28 PM

RE: novus 125 cp: my first heli ever!!!:( help me!
Can you do both sides in? Where ever you are at in learning nose in try moveing the tail around a little farther each time. Hold it for a while then go back to tail in. Go in small steps to what ever you think your limit is and before you know it you'll have nose in mastered. Good luck.

Skiking15 11-10-2011 06:02 PM

RE: novus 125 cp: my first heli ever!!!:( help me!
thanks for the advice. i can get it to turn 90 degrees either way, but when i go any more towards nose in, i try to correct something but i move the stick the wrong way and then its to late to save it. i just might get the co-axial or a larger fixed pitch:)

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