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CH-46 Adjustments

Old 08-11-2008, 12:08 AM
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Default CH-46 Adjustments

Hey Dan,

I finished the CH-46 today and in order to get all of the PROPERLY ORIENTED servos to rotate in the proper direction, I had to go polar opposite on a few of the rear mixes (e.g. from +70 to -70) to get the swashes to work properly. After these adjustments, the plates moved as directed. I'm wondering why I should have had to deviate from the standard settings. (I'm using JR and did adjust the 200's as instructed initially).

Also, the manual could benefit from additional "practical" instruction on what to expect on the first hover. I had to bump the gain down on the elev gyro to keep it from hopping up, but those little hints are not enough. Is there anything out there that might help??

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