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Aurora 9 and Optima Receivers Very Strange


Old 06-18-2017, 05:04 PM
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Question Aurora 9 and Optima Receivers Very Strange

We had a bit of an issue at our field yesterday.

One of our flyers was flying an electric and was having issues with the throttle being unresponsive. (Aurora 9 and Optima Receiver.

I was in the process of take off and got about 6 feet of the ground when I lost control of my scanner, I managed to get it back on the ground but it started doing snap rolls and and was like flying a sponge. (Aurora 9X Optima 7 channel)

A third flyer took off with his scanner, it also started to do snap rolls but he was not so lucky and went in, straight down and destroyed the model. (Aurora 9X and Optima).

While I was on the ground I checked the controls and found that if i turned around and put myself between the plane and the radio it lost signal, i was on 10 feet from the model.

After much discussion, lunch and a meeting, I decided to do a range check and fly my Hacker electric (minima receiver). Flew without any issues whatsoever.

After Landing I decided to do a full range check with my Scanner. I walked 100 meters checking the radio signal (on Range Check) every 15 meters or so, and me between the plane and my radio. No Issues.

Flew the scanner and again had no issues. The guy who lost his plane did a range check on his radio and flew his second nitro plane with no issues.

This has totally baffled us all. We have about 40 years RC experience and have not had an issue like this since we have 2.4 Radios.

Any Ideas? Was there a Solar Eclipse


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I fly with an Aurora 9 with some Rx's being 8 or 4 channel FrSky's. I have flown these combos for years w/o a glitch.
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3 separate transmitters/receivers having the exact same issue one instance, then another instance not much longer can indicate that there was some kind of interference passing through. Hobby grade 2.4 systems are not immune to things such as cell signals or other forms of wireless communication so it's entirely possible you experienced just that.
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