Hey guys. I replaced my old 4.6 with the v2 version this year. I have a total of maybe 3/4 gallon thru it. I started performance tuning after 8 tanks or so.

I use werks racing fuel ATM. Probably will try Byron's gen 2 20% next case. I do like this fuel. Runs great and easy to tune in my firestorm.

To make it easier I turned in the tranny adjustment so it can't shift to second for now. It seems once I have my rpms peak or close to peak....I can turn it in a half turn from there. If I leave it wide open long enough it seems to bog out. But it can be tricky. Because it keeps on taking it.

Is this common with this engine? I want to get the HSN close before I touch the low speed and idle. I have both at flush.

I probably should stop leaning once the top speed stabilizes at wot for a few secs right? I run a medium odonels plug. I did the tank mod with a one way check valve for half tank lean. Not the uni mod..
A moddified one of that by aggres I believe? That works really well.