Just recently bought a Sprint 2 drift car and see a lot of people are putting in a "one way" front diff and a "ball diff" in the rear but also hear about locking the rear diff and have seen a vid on one of the ways to do this. My questions are if buying the One Way front is that the only part needed or do I need One Way hubs or something else to work with it, and in the rear also, just the Ball Diff and or hubs? Also if using the ball diff is this a substitute for "locking" the stock rear diff at that point.
Are the stock suspension settings "about" right for drifting on most surfaces? I know it is a matter of touch/feel for the user and can be fine tuned later but if I should be using more camber, etc it would be good to know. Also in the booklet it does give me pointers on how to set the suspension adjustments based on high traction vs low traction surfaces, but what do they consider high and low traction surfaces. My main surface will be a concrete driveway that has the broom brushed finish on it, compared to the garage floor which is smoothed concrete... I'm guessing the broom finish is high traction( though the tires may ride on top of the brushed marks ) and the smooth garage floor would be low.. No carpet to run on but guess that would be high traction as well?
I also see that HPI sells a steering stabilizer module. Does it really help or a waste of money..

Thanks in advance..