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WreckitRhodey 11-06-2013 01:24 AM

Hpi Firestorm Cutting Out Trouble..
Right here goes im having trouble here, just swapped a hpi .18 standard engine for the firestorm for the G3.0HO (pretty much the same in every way..) but as im trying to apply the brake the roto carb (which i swapped from the old lump to the new one) seems to slide to far back stopping the idle and cutting out the engine when the brake is applied, What to do?? i've tried all sorts but cant seem to suss it any kind of help would be appreciated as i've done loads of reading but cant seem to find a lot,
Cheers for reading..

TriadicRC 08-11-2014 02:09 PM

It sounds like you adjusted your idle using the throttle trim on the remote. You should set your throttle trim to center on the remote, adjust the linkages on the car to be at idle and apply no force to the brakes, and then adjust the idle screw on the carb to the point to were it idles normally.

Unfortunately these RTR cars are not always assembled with care and the linkages are horribly off out of the box.

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