I received an email from Dave about his new video on the AF5.5 and I would like to feature it here. The online flying was sure fun and a great way to meet new friends. Below is the email message from Dave:

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Hi Michael,

I just finished producing a video on the Aerofly 5.5 sim's free upgrade.
It has been "live" for only about 10 hours and will be seen over 1000 times within the hour.
In this video I fly with a guy who is flying from Switzerland. Totally amazing.
He is flying at the Omahawks flying site in Omaha Nebraska.
That is where I flew in the multiwing nationals back in the 1970's...same place.
(I placed in the top 4 for four years, flying "pattern" with Aeromaster Biplanes.)
Hope you enjoy my "Fantastic flying".

Please thank all the people who made this simulator. It is truly amazing.

Take care,
Dave Herbert

Youtube's NightFlyyer