Hello my fellow airplane/rc lovers! I'we been in love with airplanes ever since i where a little kid, i guess it's a intrest i'we inhearted from my father!
I'we been looking for a Flight simulator that really cought my intrest, without any bigger succses. What i found that keept my intrest for the longest time is "RealFlight". Wich is a fun and good RC simulator.

But a few days ago my friend gave me a tip of a simulator, i was abit sceptict about it since the site looked a bit wierd but he managed to talk me into buying it and man i tell you, best freaking thing i'we spent money on.
It's so damnamazing and i'we been literarly locked up in this simulator, almost forgot about work! Haha! Also there is a multiplayer mode wich uses Google maps, awesome i tell you!

If ure intrested, www.ProFlightSimulator.com