I received this email from Dave and thought it will be nice to share it here:

Hi everybody,

I am happy to introduce the new FULL SCALE flight Simulator from Aerofly. It has not been released yet. This is my preview introduction.

It cost $49 and well worth it to me. I know Dr. J just flew the F-18 simulator at Miramar. I flew in it when It was at El Toro and yep it is fun,
but fooling around the entire country of Switzerland in the F-18 on this sim is really something!

Enjoy the fun, cause were going flying. Seat belts on, trays and chairs in the full upright position.

Click this link


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Asked to show the ULTRA GRAPHICS settings of the New (Not Released in USA yet)
AEROFLY FS, full size airplane simulator, I did just that.

I show the gauges, F-18 HUD Displays, and real time flying all in SWITZERLAND.

Enjoy the flight.