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Neko 08-19-2013 06:05 PM

Jeti Transmitter via USB
I have a new Jeti DS-16 that I am trying to use with Aerofly on the Mac. The Jeti web site says "DC/DS transmitters act as standard 8 axis joystick after being connected to PC, thus it is possible to control simulators, such as MS Flight Simulator, FMS or AeroFly Professional Deluxe." I plugged in the Jeti via USB and it is indeed recognized by the computer: I can see it in "About this Mac", and I can access the control signals from other programs. But I can't get Aerofly to recognize it.

I start with the Ikarus USB-to-PPM converter connected to my DX7, and that works as usual. Then I plug in the Jeti and hit Scan For New Controllers. All that comes up is "USB Interface #1" as a 12-channel controller, and callibration does not work. When I close out of the Calibration window, neither DX7 nor the Jeti now work.

Any suggestions?


rajul 08-24-2013 06:42 PM

Hi David, I have no experience with Jeti radios. Is there a link to the DS-16 instruction manual? Are you running AFPD or Aerofly5? It could be many things. Please post a photo of your cable connection from the radio to the computer.

Neko 08-24-2013 07:44 PM

Hi Rajul,

It's AF5.

I have the Ikarus USB-to-PPM converter plugged into the computer and my Spektrum DX7 goes to that. With this setup, the program works fine, as usual. But in addition, the Jeti's built-in USB connector is plugged directly into a second USB connector on the computer. The Jeti gets recognized by the Mac operating system as a standard joystick or "Human Interface Device".

My question is whether the Jeti can be used as a second controller, in addition to whatever is plugged into the Ikarus? In other words, can AF5 recognize any standard joystick device and use it as a second controller?

With both devices plugged in, I have tried the Scan-For-New-Controller option in the program. The dialog box that comes up shows a generic 12-channel controller that doesn't seem to be related to either the Ikarus/DX7 or the Jeti. And when I close that dialog box, the Ikarus/DX7 stops working and I have to restart the program.



rajul 08-24-2013 07:49 PM

David, please post a photo of your cable connection from the radio to the computer.This is the first thing I need to check.

Neko 08-25-2013 06:59 PM

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Here's a photo, Mike.

The DX7 (right) goes in through the Ikarus converter. I added a few connectors to the line (white plastic) but that has no effect on its function.

The Jeti (left) connects directly via a mini-USB connector on the top. It is not a PPM connection but the Jeti appears to the computer as a joystick device, which I would like Aerofly to recognize.


rajul 08-25-2013 08:19 PM

Thanks for the photo. Does the Jeti have a trainer or DSC port with PPM output signal?

Neko 08-26-2013 04:19 AM

You can install one by removing one of the switches and replacing it with a PPM output connector, or drilling a new hole in the case for the connector. This breaks the FCC compliance of the radio. Also, with a PPM connector you would have to buy an additional PMM-to-USB converter, which I was hoping to avoid. Since the USB connector is already there, I was hoping to use it.

rajul 08-26-2013 04:36 AM

In order to work with AF5, the output must be in PPM mode.

Neko 08-26-2013 06:36 AM

Ok. Too bad, though. There are lots of nice joystick devices that would work well as second controllers for Aerofly. Of course you would need the Ikarus converter to be plugged in as the dongle, but it would be nice if the program read standard joystick devices.

orthobird 09-30-2017 03:24 AM

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Can anyone help me?

No dice for me....

I have tried multiple times and with different way, and I cannot get the Simulator to work.

this is what I have done:

1. Gone into my DC 24 and created a new model. it is called Simulator. Set up as an airplane.
2. Obtained a brand new, unused R14 receiver, then I did latest firmware update, then I bound it to my DC 24 Sim model.
3. Went into Device Explorer, set the connection to PPM + (and also tried as PPM-)
4. In device explorer, I set period to 20 instead of 17 (tried both + auto)
5. I open the aerofly program, and if USB is not connected, when I click on scan for USB, it shows ZERO channels.
6. When I connect the USB with the Rx connected to the USB as shown, then when I scan for USB, it will open "calibrate" and it recognizes 16 channels. However, when I move the sticks, nothing. No movement.
7. If I try to fly, there is nothing. No control. Every once in a while, I will see the airplane take off on its own, but no control of it.

Anyone have any advice. (please).

thank you


rajul 09-30-2017 07:24 AM

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The Ikarus usb interface cannot be used for wireless connection. For wireless connection with a digital Sumsignal receiver, you will need the Ikarus RC SimConnector (Ikarus p/n 3031100). Customers can order this online from http://shop.ikarus.net if based in Europe, or https://www.amazon.com if based in the USA. You may download the manual for the RC SimConnector here Attachment 2234422

For wired connection, we have found the following info from Jeti website
How to connect the transmitter to the flight simulator: JETI model s. r. o.
It looks like you need the Jeti JMS-DC-KPPM-R adapter cable for 3.5mm stereo plugs.

Then you will need to get the following usb interface cable from Ikarus

- usb interface for RC7 (Ikarus p/n 3031010). This is what you already have as shown in your photo

Customers can order these online from http://shop.ikarus.net/ if based in Europe,
or https://www.amazon.com if based in the USA.

These two cables are what we think you will need but please confirm with Jeti. Also please check with Jeti the internal radio settings for flight simulators

orthobird 09-30-2017 07:34 AM

great news, I got it to work. Now, I have wireless simulator control, cost me ZERO.
I used a Rx I have laying around, but it can also be done with an R3 or R2 receiver.

Works flawless. Much better than the old cheap Tx I used to use. Which my daughter dropped and damaged one Gimbal.

Well, she will not be handling my DC 24.

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