Trying get other input about adding LEDroop. Like those store bought clear plastic NASA Droops on the P51 and I think T-38 ARFs. If a similar copy was made, and added to the outer wings 40% of a Cub or Beaver (or any STOL stype). And said plane is on Floats, would it be logical to add another 1 deg of incidence ? To be more in line with thrust of power source? AoA

OR , is the adding a bit more incidence a mute point, and adding that would defeat the droop purpose ?

I have cut a long groove out of bulk leading edge balsa. And will finish will some kind of coating. But just to primer coat and pin on, then go test fly her. Then maybe try adding extra 1 deg.
Is there a reason , adding more incidence , is counter productive if LE has added Droops ? Brian