Basic Bootcamp - 27 July at Woodland-Davis Aeromodelers

0800 - ??

Goal: Teach IMAC contest fundamentals through exercises in criteria-based aerobatics, calling, flying demonstrations and individual practice of expected skills needed for all IMAC classes.

1. Describe what to expect at an IMAC contest.
2. Show each maneuver individually with stick plane, describe associated criteria.
3. Demonstration of start, taxi, take-off, approved turn around maneuvers and interaction with judges upon starting the sequence. Demonstrate one solidly flown Basic sequence.
4. Demonstrate a break in sequence, how to recover, and the Caller’s role.
5. Take questions and debrief the flight.
6. Safety habits during a contest.
7. Stick plane practice.
8. Practice flights.
9. Debrief two or three items for each pilot to work on.
10. Give each participant a take-home packet to help them remember specifics.