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1st IMAC Style Plane


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Default 1st IMAC Style Plane

Just bought my first larger scale bird, a 30% Yak (used airframe) and looking for some help on gearing it up. I've been flying smaller planes and mainly need a little education on servos, electrical system and the like. I don't fly 3D but I may slowly move in that direction if my skills allow. I'll probably be using a DL55.

It was recommended to me to get HD-DS120M HV 214oz-in servos for the alerons and elevator as a cheaper alternative over Hitech HS-7955TG servos, but I read a few questionable opinions.

Also I could use some help with battery type and size.

I'll be asking plenty of questions at the field and getting help with set-up, but looking for all the input I can get. Budget is always a consideration but I don't want to buy parts that will always keep me wondering when they will fail.

Any other suggestions or opinions will be appreciated.
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Default RE: 1st IMAC Style Plane


Try to keep your setup simple, less switches and regulators give less chances of failure.

These are gasser setups I use/have used with success over the last 3 years.

50 to 60cc

For ignition battery an 1100 to 1500 mAh 4 cell nicad or nimh battery will suffice. On a heavy duty Cermark/Max type switch works well.

For receiver A123s are very popular as no regulator is needed and have a good discharge rate and charge quickly. Down side is you need a charger that can charge the A123s. A two cell 2300 mAh battery is more than enough for 5 to 7 ten minute flights and if you are concerned you can quick-charge at the field. I have not had the need to field charge with 5 to 7 ten minute flights putting 700 to 950 mAh back in the battery. I practice IMAC and mild 3D.

I also run a Kodiak switch that gives an amperage usage over the course of the flying session. I reset the Kodiak when I charge the battery.

You are probably going to end up with an 85 to 100cc plane over the next year or two as that is the way it seems to progress with gassers. I would suggest getting the HS7955s as you can move them into a larger plane without worry.


I run two A123 2300s in parallel with one 2700 mAh nimh on ignition. One Kodiak switch and one heavy duty Cermark switch on ignition. This plane has eight 5955 servos.

Hope this helps.

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