Just got word the final numbers are posted for the region, there were no ties so we have all clear winners

Here is the link to see the Regional contest results as well as the regional points winner


I will need the first three winners in each class to contact me via email at

nerd@mini-iac.com or if you have my private email address feel free to use that one

I will need your mailing address in that email so I can have the awards made up and sent directly to you. Just in case, here are the first three regional winners in each class

My sincerest congratulations to all the Regional Points winners. I will be writing a full region report this week that will be posted on the IMAC site. This report will also include the happenings at the regional contest. I wiil post back in this thread once I have it finished


Puccio, Frank 4994.88
Stanton, Steve 4703.10
Stang, Phil 4592.97


Harrison, Scot 5000.00
Davis, Alex 4992.57
Meiselbach, Roy 4888.35


Deslauriers, Isabel 5000.00
Berger, Stan 4967.30
Lairsey, Bill 4890.43


Buyukgurel, Ray 5000.00
Banks, John 4988.49
Wallace, Troy 4908.91


Westdorp, Neil 5000.00
Michael, David 4879.40
Foveaux, Brian 4858.92


Lairsey, Bill 3950.95
Gleicher, Jerry 2752.50
Melville, Scott 968.99
-Bill James
NE Regional Director