Hi Guys

Need some help, I have a Mini 8ight and have just started to race, have attached a few photos just for you all to cast an eye over, however I am looking for some help on how to set up the car, what I should replace from stock and any other help you guys can offer.

At the moment the car apart from changing the top deck to Carbon Fibre, Changed Wheels/Tyres to a set of Contact Foam wheel and tyre set, the race I go to restricts the motor to the stock. If someone could advise me of the following it would be really, really helpful.
a) Should I change the steering servo, if so what servo would you suggest?
b) Should I change the transmitter? Again what one too?
c) Is it worth changing the ESC?
d) Could you advise on the best toe in/out angle and possibly the rear camber?
e) Any other changes the anyone would suggest.

I know there is a lot I do not know about and I am desperately trying to learn all I can so I know it is only the ability that is letting me down, of that I can only improve with practice and that I am prepared to do, the set ups and suggestions on what to get I really struggle, if anyone can help it would be very very much appreciated.

Many Thanks
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