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Knife Edge Mix - 8103


Old 12-19-2002, 08:03 PM
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Default Knife Edge Mix - 8103

Danny, is there a way to programm all Knife Edge mixing into one mixing program with the 8103 ? I need some elevator and aileron correction as well for KE flight.
In case there is, how do I do this ?
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Old 12-19-2002, 09:54 PM
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Default Knife Edge Mix - 8103

It will take 2 mixes for that, it can't be done in just one. Here is some programming info on how to do this.

Knife Edge Mixing

Many aerobatic planes require some elevator and aileron correction to keep knife-edge maneuvers straight. To do this, use mixes 1 and 2. Both these mixes are 5 point mixes, so you can use these either as standard mixes, or set all 5 points to have more mix at each end point than you would have otherwise. This is particularly useful when you have a plane that requires a lot of compensation at full rudder, but not very much at low stick movements. With the 5-point mix, you can set the curve to have a low effect around center, but then have a lot of effect at the extents of the stick movement. Good starting points for the percentage of the mix for elevator is around 8% 10% and increase or decrease the value as necessary. Usually the amount required for aileron correction is less, and will be closer to 5% or under for most planes.
To do this mix, press the up or down key until you get to mix 1. Now press the + key until the first channel says RUDD. Press the channel key, then press the + key until the second channel says ELEV. Press select once now. The screen should now say Point-L with 100 underneath it. Press the + and keys until you get the mix value needed at full stick deflection. If the elevator correction responds in the incorrect direction, change the percentage of the points from + to or vice versa. Press the CH key to adjust the next point, by again pressing the + and keys to get the desired value. Repeat until you have adjusted all 5 points. Press the CH key one more time and it will give you the option of having exponential on the response curve. If you would like to have expo in the response, press the + key. Repeat this process for the rudder to aileron in mix 2.
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