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oldbassard 10-12-2012 06:10 AM

Kit building glue
Hey gang

I'd like a little input from you about glue. I know about everyone uses CA. I am getting back into the building and I guess because of my eyes I am to messy with it. What I was wondering, are there any wood glues out there such a Elmer wood glue or others that are suitable for RC planes. I am not sure about the shrikage of the glues or thier bonding abilities for Balsa. I have a brother who is getting into the hobby with mer, he can't be around the fumes of CA. Any input from you guys would be appreciated thanks in advance.


Fleet 10-12-2012 06:13 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I like to add to my arsenal of glues "TiteBond II".   It is not waterproof but 'weather resistant'  what ever than could mean.  

Ray W.
Fleet Brotherhood #7

eddieC 10-12-2012 07:07 AM

RE: Kit building glue
'Super-phatic' and Gorilla poly-based wood glue are two of my non-CA favorites. Titebond one is great also.

OldScaleGuy 10-12-2012 07:46 AM

RE: Kit building glue
Titebond II is great. I use it as much as possible, along with CA. There are oderless CA's out there that your brother may be able to use but they cost more. Personally i do not like Gorilla glue of any sort. Of course you will need some epoxy as well.

JPMacG 10-12-2012 08:37 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I use lots of Titebond (or equivalent). I also use lots of epoxy. I use thin CA when necessary, but I prefer Titebond or epoxy.

RCKen 10-12-2012 11:08 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I use Elmer's Carpenter's Glue for the lion's share of my building. The only exception are those parts the require the use of epoxies. Otherwise the Elmer's has been my glue of choice. It's never let me down and it gives me great building strength. The only thing I use CA for is if I am using CA hinges (which I rarely use anymore) and for hardening threads cut into wood. Otherwise I don't use it.<div>
</div><div>Hope this helps</div><div>

goirish 10-12-2012 11:47 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I use the white gorilla wood glue, not the foaming kind. I like it because it grabs fast. I cannot use CA. If I do CA hinges, my wife does them for me

acdii 10-12-2012 12:26 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Elmers carpenters glue, the waterproof kind, dries an ugly brown, but the covering hides it.

crossman 10-12-2012 04:07 PM

RE: Kit building glue
I too have had problems with CA fumes. The last time that I did a build with CA, I could only work for about 1/2 hour at a time. I now use Titebond II for most of my building, I do use CA for threads and small, quick repairs. I think that working slower is also an advantage of using the non-CA adhesives.

dant-RCU 10-12-2012 04:46 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Areobond - I wish I had know about this earlier.



acerc 10-12-2012 04:49 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Titebond II and T88 epoxies are my preferred glues. I do use CA as well but very little.

Rubbernecker 10-12-2012 05:21 PM

RE: Kit building glue



Areobond - I wish I had know about this earlier.



+1. Wish I had found out about this years ago. Still use all the others as well, but I do like this.


acdii 10-12-2012 07:04 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Thin CA for tacking things up, then Elmers seems to be working well on my current build.

glowplugboy 10-12-2012 07:58 PM

RE: Kit building glue
For epoxy lamination, I like West Systems 105 Resin and 206 Hardner. For critical load bearing joints, I like Aeropoxy aka Hysol 9460 (or is it 9640?). The initial investment is a bit high for the applicator gun and such, but the strength of the bond is unmatched from anything else I have tried. I have abandoned "hobby grade" 30 minute epoxies sold by the big mail order houses. 5 minute is ok for tacking something in place, however.

countilaw 10-12-2012 08:18 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Been using Ambroid for 44 years.

thepamster 10-12-2012 10:47 PM

RE: Kit building glue
Ca, Carpenters wood glue, Gorilla glue, 5,15,30 min epoxy, RC56, loctite.

Stickbuilder 10-13-2012 04:03 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I quit using CA a long time ago. I pretty much only use Titebond II for the wood structures and laminations, and the occasional small amount of epoxy where nothing else will do. When I am building a composite plane (glass fuselage) I use Hysol to locate the formers and trays. You can get the Hysol at any Fastenal store.

Bill, Waco Brother #1

straitnickel 10-13-2012 04:31 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I used to use Tite-bond everywhere and never had a joint fail. Now, Just because i can I use Epoxy on areas like the firewall, landing gear blocks and laminated spares.

049flyer 10-13-2012 04:51 AM

RE: Kit building glue
Sigbond (similar to tightbond) for joints that will rarely see sandpaper. Ambroid for joints that WILL see sandpaper. Epoxy for joints that need extra strength. CA only for fitting parts together after a crash.

NOTHING sands as nice as Ambroid or similar type solvent based cements. White glues and yellow glues sand OK but not like Ambroid. Epoxy doesn't sand but is required for maximum strength, use 30 min or longer cure time epoxy only. The 5 min stuff is not nearly as strong.

CA doesn't sand, is brittle and expensive, use sparingly.

oliveDrab 10-13-2012 06:40 AM

RE: Kit building glue
To install CA hinges I have always used CA and I 'spoze that's what you need to use for a CA hinge. But I have made a mess of this more than once.

What about glueing those gray Robart hinges or other plastic hignes? I have used epoxy, have used Sig Bond, and have used Titebond. All of those have worked as long as glue is kept out of the flexible joint.

klord125 10-13-2012 07:03 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I use Titebond. But I make sure I clean up any excess real good. Mostly because I'm a weight nut and when sanding sheeting or other areas it makes a big difference if you get rid of any excess. I can't use CA it kills me. I loved using Ambroid but build time is a little longer in my opinion.

carrellh 10-13-2012 08:01 AM

RE: Kit building glue
,Links to a lot of options mentioned above

I never use fast epoxy, I work slowly and use the slow cure stuff like this

Any Aliphatic Resin is good for balsa and plywood. These have a lot of water in them so they can cause warpage when applied to large areas
Titebond Original, 2, or 3 http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...SM&C=RGB&V=***
Elmers http://www.elmers.com/products/glues.../wood/hardware
Gorilla http://www.gorillatough.com/index.php?page=wood-glue
SIG http://www.sigmfg.com/IndexText/SIGSB001.html

Polyurethane glues can be used for some things
Gorilla http://www.gorillatough.com/index.php?page=gorilla-glue
Titebond http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...?&I=LXNKW4&P=0
Elmers http://www.elmers.com/products/glues...thane/hardware

Prop_Washer2 10-13-2012 08:55 AM

RE: Kit building glue
<div style="text-align: center"><span style="font-size: xx-large"><span style="color: #ff0000">AMBROID..!!</span></span></div>

Jim_Purcha 10-13-2012 10:32 AM

RE: Kit building glue

I've used elmer's carpentr glue, titebond, weldbond (great for canopies - dries clear). CA for hinges. 30 &amp; 60 minute epoxy. Finishing epoxy for fibreglass cloth for wing reinforcement.


RCER88 10-13-2012 11:30 AM

RE: Kit building glue
I use Elmer's wood glue, Epoxy and CA. I prefer the Elmer's because I have time to fit the piece and make sure it is straight. CA is not like that.

My two cents.

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