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Draganfly4u 05-28-2004 10:09 PM

AirFoil Aviation 1/4 scale kit
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Hello i was wondering is this a easy kit to build and about how many hours will it take to build. I know noting about kit building.
All i know this looks like a easy aircraft to fly. If anyone have any exp on this i would like to hear from you or let me know if you think it would be easy to build. http://www.airfoilaviation.com/1-4scale.html

VULTCH 05-28-2004 10:36 PM

RE: AirFoil Aviation 1/4 scale kit
I don't know about the 1/4 scale but I did have the parkflyer (52IN. span) version, which was easy to build. It took a couple of evenings to complete. The problem I had was the shroud lines. These are very easy to tangle and on mine was sucked in to the prop. I only flew it once for a short flight, after that the lines were cut and I never could get this thing right again. If you have much wind, it can really get tricky. I finally gave up and now have a Kyosho AutokiteXP to fill it's shoes. (No more shroud lines to tangle.)
The quality of Airfoil is excellent, instructions were good and the kit was very complete, I just couldn't get the thing to fly after the first flight, and I did call and done everything suggested.
The 1/4 scale may be completely different as far as stability goes but you still have those lines to contend with.

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