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AlphaWhisky 10-27-2006 10:14 PM

Sig Fazer?
We`re not too big on kit building down here, mostly ARF`s these days but the dedicated few still scratch-build from plans or their own designs. I mostly operate that way but was recently offered a Sig Fazer kit that has been gathering dust under a bench for a while.

It looks like it might be quite fun as a weekend sports machine. Can someone out there who`s had experience with building and/or flying this one care to pass an opinion?


Alan W

donkey doctor 10-28-2006 12:28 AM

RE: Sig Fazer?
Hello; If you've built most any kit before, you will enjoy building and flying the fazer. I had mine for two years, the first time I allowed someone else to fly it, they crashed it then froze at the sticks, It's a great flyer with a Saito 56. I first had an FP 40 in it then a Saito 45 before the 56. I have built and flew (flown?) many other similar profile planes and currently finishing uop a Gee whiz bee.

The build wasn't difficult at all and it's easy to get excellent covering results with Sig's sticker pack.

super tigre 10-28-2006 01:02 PM

RE: Sig Fazer?
The Fazer is a great building kit as the case with most of the sig kits.It is a fun plane to fly.I installed a larger fuel tank on mine on the left side the planes show it on the right.I have a super tigre 40 in mine fly's great.

wagen017 10-29-2006 02:48 PM

RE: Sig Fazer?
I have actually owned two Sig Fazers, and it is a fun plane to fly. Originally I flew it with a OS-46 FX, but actually, this is too heavy. Later I replaced it by a OS-32SX with a tuned pipe, and this was better. It is easy to build (it actually learned me to build planes). Of course it is a fun-fly plane, so you can joke around with it a lot, but hoovering I found difficult. I think the fuse is a bit too short for this.

loser 10-31-2006 12:32 PM

RE: Sig Fazer?
KEEP IT LIGHT...the one I built from the kit was heavy and flew that way. If I build another I will choose wood more carefully and try adding some lightening holes here and there. Overall...a nice flyer though....

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