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patryn 05-20-2010 07:06 PM

Inherited toy
I just got this beast from a friend that bought it ten years ago, had itchased him a 15ft or so, and then he put it in the attic. Obviously it needs a little work and updating. However, I have no idea what it is other than Kyosho is written all over it. Don't know the size motor, model, etc. Don't even know where to look. All I've flown is an mSR and CPPro2, so I have no nitro experience and no flight time of anything remotely close to this size. I have a Blade 400 (shown for size comparison) that should be completed and haveit's maiden flight soon. However, it's as long as just the tail boom on thenitro.So this is my first nitro chopper and for my life expectancy's sake, any help on any of the above will be mucho appreciated. This thing is big and scary, which means I love it.Well, minus theold graphics on the canopy.


BarracudaHockey 05-20-2010 07:58 PM

RE: Inherited toy
It's a Nexus 30, if I were you I'd stick it on a shelf. It's been discontinued and parts are very hard to come by if you break something.

That one looks like the flapping head design, fairly smooth but if you did anything wild it would chop off the tail boom (been there done that)

patryn 05-20-2010 09:01 PM

RE: Inherited toy
So basically I have a really big paper weight? The feathering shaft is pretty bent (thus the one blade hanging a little low).

Angel_W 05-21-2010 01:06 AM

RE: Inherited toy
Great heli!!
If you expect a 3D flight, don't even thik aout it, but if you want a stable nice flight and some simple aerobatic manuvers, it is ok. I don´t think it deserves an upgrade but a .50 is better than the .32, spares are expensive and rare and all screws got be cheked constantly.
good luck!

patryn 05-21-2010 11:35 AM

RE: Inherited toy
No 3d with the nitro. I have the little electrics for whenever I get the chops to try 3d. I just would like to fly it around a bit. Maybe through a body on it.

gpclassic 06-12-2010 11:39 PM

RE: Inherited toy
I have a Huge Surplus of Parts for these Helicopters
Manuals Etc.
What do you Need to Know about it ??
What Parts do you Need for it ??

patryn 08-01-2010 06:08 PM

RE: Inherited toy
Right now I just need a feathering shaft, tail fin,and then figure out how to hook up a SpektrumRX to it.How do you charge the batteries on it? Or do I need to replace those as well?I also need a little tutoring on starting this thing. I'm guessing I can just use nitro fuel from theLHS.

gpclassic 08-01-2010 09:29 PM

RE: Inherited toy
This Heli Going by the Photo's Look's like it has the Flapping Head Design
Meaning the Feathering Shafts allow the Blade Grips to float up and Down
I can send you a Tail Fin if you want one from me let me Know

patryn 08-10-2010 08:23 PM

RE: Inherited toy
I pulled the feathering shaft. I have no idea what the flapping head design is and what all it was used on but this Nexus has a feather rod that is shared by the two main blades. One side is bent pretty heavily. I'm guessing that something dropped on it while in my buddy's attic. My least concern is the tail fin. I need the feathering shaft and I need to figure out what battery I need to use on it.

How do you start these things?

gpclassic 08-10-2010 11:24 PM

RE: Inherited toy
I can Take a Look to see what I have here
I probably Have the Largest Collection of Parts for these Heli's New & Used, on the Planet, along with three Working Heli's
as Far as the Battery goes you can use any Flight Pack that's Used for other Nitro Heli's
You Want one with a 7.4 Volt Rating and at least a 2200 Mili amp Hour
Like Made by JR or Spectrum or thunder Power
it will Say Receiver Flight Pac Battery on what ever Site you go on
I will Post a Link here for you right Now


Copy and Paste this Link into your Browser and it'll take you to the Battery
Do you have a Working Rx that you can install in the Heli ?

as for Starting the Heli you will Need a Electric Helicopter Starter

Here's a Link to that

http://www.helidirect.com/align-blac...06-p-14152.hdx <<(copy and paste into your Browser)

I have Chosen one that already Has the Battery Pac for you here in this Link
You can get one cheaper if you have a 12 volt car or lawn mower battery to run the starter
it should turn counter clockwise when trying to start the Heli

Next you will need a Glow Plug Driver
Here's the Link to that with a Fuel Pump that you also need to fill the fuel tank


Next I need to turn your attention to a Mistake I made in the Past
During set up of your Radio make sure that you have the Throttle servo turning in the right direction
Meaning that Low Throttle on the Transmitter = low throttle on the Helicopter
I had a heli some years ago that I tried to start one time and the Throttle was wide open at Low Stick on the Tx.
Meaning it started at full throttle and not only Scared the Pi$$ out of me, but it instantly burned up the Clutch before I figured out to pull the Fuel line off the Carb to kill the engine,luckily the Motor didn't blow up in my face

Lastly you can go You Tube to see Video's on how to start a Nitro Helicopter
They are there, I have watched them myself

patryn 08-11-2010 09:41 PM

RE: Inherited toy
Yeah, I learned the hard way with the electric. I flew my CPP2 into my dresser @ WOT. I didn't realize I was going to need all this. It'll be a bit before I start sinking that kind of cash into the freebee.

gpclassic 08-11-2010 11:21 PM

RE: Inherited toy
Heli's are Not Cheap Ever
this is what I have Learned over the Years
your Talking to someone that Has Laid out over $25,000.00 in Seven on over 38 Heli's, Parts, and all the other things that Make them Work
I work all kinds of Side Jobs to buy my Toys and support Equipment Etc.
I Fought like Hell on Flea Bay to get Most of my Nexus Parts and came across a Few People that Had surplus Parts and Scooped as much up as I could
Check out my Gallery here if you Want to see some of my Heli's

The Easiest thing to do is to Buy One thing at a Time, if your on a Budget and you'll get it all together sooner or Later
or you Can Look here on the For Sale Ad's that people are selling the Starting Equipment you Need "Cheap"
I have found Many things here for Heli's
Stay away from Run Ryder as those Guys are All ***** heads to New Bee's... and will insult the Pi$$ out of you Just for Having a Nexus
I am a Member there (user Name) " Big Daddies Heli's" only to Pi$$ People off, when they see all my Helicopters in my Gallery, and it's Quite Comical some times when they Talk ***** to me, and I give it right Back to them 10 FOLD.....
Most of them are all full of them selves
Look me up down the Road here and I'll try to Help you out where ever I can OK

Rich D.....

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