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dfalcon 09-14-2005 02:07 PM

doing great with LMH 117, what next?
I traded for a 117 three weeks and half a gallon ago, and I already feel like I have done all the learning I can on it. Before this, all I had is a piddly little Hirobo Lama that I just hovered around the living room (but I've been a big flight sim freak since Top[8D]Gun came out on Nintendo, so this wasn't really my only heli experience). When the 117 came in the mail, I couldn't wait. I was flying 2 hours later. I hovered and trimmed on the first tank. I made some training gear but said to hell with it and took off with the second tank-full into ff circles and figure 8's. Loops and rolls followed days later. I've had only one major accident, and all that happened was a lost z-link and a broken the TR control clevis.

Am I ready to move on to something larger, more expensive, and more aerobatically capable? Or is there something more I can sqeeze out of this. I'm still having fun, but I usually learn quick and tire fast.[sm=redface.gif]

What steps did others take after outgrowing their lite machines heli?

TIA 09-15-2005 09:47 AM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
If you want to stay nitro, the .30 sized Century Hawk or Raptor would be a great next step!


notasme 10-05-2005 07:34 AM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
Skip the .30 - .60 and go to turbine powered. You will find them in the turbine forum.

dfalcon 10-05-2005 09:12 AM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
If I had the money, that'd be great. But a turbine isn't within reach of a young engineer with a couple of kids.

BigSkyRCFlyer 10-13-2005 05:03 PM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
Any of the 30 class choppers out there are good, and cheap to repair. Or you can go 60, rock soild performance, and awesome 3D with a 90 stuffed in there. Just fly the Crap out of the one you have, until you can fly it blind. Then it is time to move on, but I would still keep it to warm up on, or have a beater to throw around.

If you ever come through the Glacier/high line area, stop by and bring a plane or heli!!!! I spent a lot of time in that area in my college days, I went to Carroll and then Bozo-MSU, do you fly with the Bozeman club, or is there one in Belgrade?

dfalcon 10-13-2005 05:17 PM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
i got myself a .30-sized hirobo shuttle. just got here yesterday, in fact. won't fly it for a few days while i wait for a starter shaft from heliproz in billings.

if i ever find myself traveling to your neck of the woods i'll remember to pack something with an airfoil. home and most family is in NE montana, so i rareley get up your way.

i've been to the bozeman club's field 3 times. it's not really worth the drive since i have mostly electric parkflyers. and with all the new housing subdivisions popping up around here there's plenty of good places to fly (the new subdivisions are really great when the roads are newly paved and no new homes are under construction yet).

BigSkyRCFlyer 10-13-2005 05:43 PM

RE: doing great with LMH 117, what next?
You will like the shuttle. I just got a new Shuttle EVO 50 this fall, having a blast flying it, I am a Hirobo Fan. It is nice being able to get things next day from heliproz with standard UPS. :D

Good Luck with the Shuttle..........and burn some fuel!!

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