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  • Price
  • Condition New
  • Manufacturer Sig
  • Model CITABRIA

This is a kit from my father-in-law's collection. Box is opened. Looks like this kit is complete. No evidence of damage anywhere.

This kit is still in production and new price is about $135. Prefer to sell in DFW area. Cash only. No trades.

From Sig;

The SIG scale model of the CITABRIA airplane has everything that is found on the original. It flies effortlessly thanks to its large, flat-bottomed wing. Immelman turns, hammerheads, loops, and rolls are all moves it performs with ease! So, whether you are a leisure weekend flyer, a sport pilot, or a competitor, this plane will work its way into your aviator's heart.

From its clever name ("airbatic" spelled backwards) to its respected position among sport planes - even compared to more recently produced aircraft - the CITABRIA is a time-honored champion that delivers theatrical performances to the delight of show pilots and spectators alike. Developed by the Champion Aircraft Corp., the CITABRIA first hit the scene in the early 1960s. The plane was a descendant of the esteemed Aeronca Champ. It was designed to be a sporty option for private pilots who did not want an all-metal nosewheel airplane. Its added horsepower and aerobatic prowess gave it even more appeal.

The SIG CITABRIA has a long-standing reputation with R/C flying enthusiasts as an nostalgic aerobatic sport plane.


Exact Scale Outlines Of A Post-1974 Citabria
Rugged Balsa/Ply Construction
Strong One-Piece Wing Design
Precision Die-Cut Formers & Ribs
Molded Plastic Cowling and Wheel Pants
Formed Aluminum Landing Gear
Nylon Tail wheel Bracket & Formed Tail Wheel Wire
Engine Mounts
Complete Hardware Pack
Authentic Decals
Illustrated Instruction Book
Scale 3-View Drawing


Wing Span: 69 in. (1753 mm)
Wing Area: 740 in² (47.7 dm²)
Length: 47 in. (1194 mm)
Flying Weight: 7 lbs. (3175 g)
Radio Required: 4-Channel
Engines: .35 - .50 (5.7 - 8.2 cm³) 2-Stroke
.45 - .61 (7.5 - 10 cm³) 4-Stroke


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