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Dr Power 313 07-11-2012 09:41 AM

trade Problem!?!?!?
Ok i traded a traxxas stampede with new parts with extra unopened parts for a Tamiya Clodbuster with hop ups but when it came time to assemble the truck ...Then truck was missing many part needed to complete the build ..And at that point i gave the member a Poor rating so after many e-mails i agreed to change my rating and he agreed to send the missing parts ..so ...I even offered to send More! new parts to help sweetin the deal that was last friday ..friday we agreed to mail the parts again and since then ive tryed to call this man and e-mailed him and no ersponce as of yet all i would like is the part that are stated in the invoice per are deal what should i do??

JWN 07-11-2012 10:32 AM

RE: trade Problem!?!?!?
I am sorry you are having a problem with another RCU member.

If the other member will not complete the transaction as originally agreed upon, please submit a complaint against him using the form linked at the bottom of the Ratings & Security page in the marketplace. This will open a formal complaint against him and allow us to track the situation.

Dr Power 313 07-11-2012 10:43 AM

RE: trade Problem!?!?!?
well whats funny is i just sent him a e-mail telling him the actions i was about to take....and Boom now my parts are being sent ! magic i guess...lol

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