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Rockin Heli 09-11-2019 04:35 PM

Kyosho Concept 60 Nitro Heli RTF FOR SALE
Kyosho Concept 60 Nitro Heli RTF. Fiberglass canopy and 2 4 spectrum rx .Volt meter, 7.4 volt battery,OS 61 engine,.I fly it about every other weekend.No 3d stuff , just easy low flying. It runs well on 20 percent Morgan Nitro. $450 complete and FREE Shipping.

Rockin Heli 09-11-2019 04:43 PM

For Sale Kyosho Concept 60
Thanks, but I am selling the Concept 60 Nitro Heli RTF not wanting another one.

Rockin Heli 09-22-2019 03:59 AM

Ok ......how about 400.00 free shiping to your door??.........................

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