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nick0231 10-10-2019 10:13 AM

Panavia Tornado 1/6.5 Swing Wing
Tornado 1/6.5 kit based on the old Masterfly kit designed and updated from a guy in Italy that does limited runs. This is very nice quality work you would expect out of an Italian produced kit and I have pics of the manufacturing process. Don't miss out on a rare and hard to find kit.

Carbon reinforced formers, hysol used on all bonds, with very light composite structure.1/6.5 scale

84.5" Wingspan
93" Length
34-36lb Single Turbine

Functional swing wings completely set up and operational with controller
Leading and trailing edge wing flaps already installed just needs servos
Elevator mechanisms already installed (work as elevons)
Comes with gear and brakes (needs tires and nose wheels)
Fuel cell and header tank
Canopy and cockpit kit.
Functioning speed brakes and mechanism (needs to be installed)
Bifurcated pipe set up for single turbine 34-36lb thrust
All the hard complicated work is done but will need some scratch building skills to finish this model up like mounting elevator servos, gear doors, hatches, nose cone, and canopy. All the hardware and parts include are shown in the picture. You will need a few things to finish like door cylinders, retract valves and air lines, misc hinges and small parts. (basically all the stuff we replace anyway from most of the other cheap kits we assemble) This kit is only about a year old but I have so may other projects that need funding I have decided to sell.

Videos of same size jets flying based on the Masterfly kits:

Ruizmilton 10-11-2019 06:43 AM

Interested, who manufactures the kit, does it have a build and set-up manual?

let me know

tisdall_80 10-14-2019 01:54 AM

What Brand is kit?

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