Take a LOOK at the New stuff that just showed up at MaxAmps.com


Look at this guys and gals. Introducing the NEW MaxAmps Method Balancer. A 6 cell Li-Po balancer that doesn't have that button that you have to worry about pressing. It knows when it's in "standalone mode" or "connection mode". The best part is that with the adapter boards it will balance The Align, TP and Hyperion style taps. You can see the full details here:


And that's not it..... check out these little power packing cells. Yes you are seeing it right.

The New MaxAmps 4700 Sub C NimH cells. They are in stock and they hold thier voltage higher than the EP 4600's. You can see these new cells here: http://www.maxamps.com/proddetail.ph...0-Loose&cat=22

and in pack form here: http://www.maxamps.com/products.php?cat=79

These cells will also be sent to ROAR for this springs battery approval.

So get on board and get the hotest cell on the market.