The New MaxAmps 2S and 3S 800 Micro Heli packs are instock!!!!


Yes it's true! The New 2S and 3S 800 Micro Heli packs are in stock and ready for sale! These packs will fit the following Micro Heli's and will work with many others that use thes small packs:

E-Flight Blade CX/CX2
E-Flight Balde CP/CP Pro
Gaui Hurricane 200
Heli-Max Axe EZ
Venom Air Corps
E-Sky Lama series

From initial testing in my V4 Lama these packs were out running the stock pack of the same capacity by almost five more minutes and they were coming out cooler than the stock pack.

Get em' now with with your favorite connector and balance tap installed and ready to go.