Alert - The ROAR Approved MaxAmps 35C 4200 pack is here!!!!!!!!

MaxAmps 35C 4200SS 7.4V Pack presents the ultimate β€œSanction Spec” racing pack that has been approved by ROAR. As you racers know, the most important factor for your batteries is voltage under load. This pack boasts a 35C constant rating for all your amp hungry racing setups. It will maintain higher voltage under load than any other pack on the market.

In addition, it comes with your choice of β€œleaded and unleaded”. The leaded option offers 6 ounces of additional weight added to the bottom of the pack. This allows racers to keep their current NIMH setups without throwing off the balance of your setup or having to add weight to make weight requirements.

β€’ 35C Constant Discharge(147amps)
β€’ Hard Outer Case
β€’ 139mm x 47mm x 25.1mm
β€’ 7.4 Volts
β€’ 4200mah Capacity(plenty for racing)
β€’ 8.8 ounces(unleaded) 14.8 ounces(leaded)

As with all MaxAmps packs, you choose your plug, tap, and wire options and your pack is built to order within 24-48 hours of placing your order on the website at

See it here: