Having trouble finding out what pack will fit your favorite RC Car or Truck???
Are you having trouble finding that perfect Li-Po pack that will fit your specific RC Car or Truck??

Well don't worry any longer. We at MaxAmps.com have you covered, just simply start here:


That's the manufacturer's List, simply "CLICK" on the makers name of your vehicle and then "Click" on your vehicle.

The packs listed will fit with no issues. If you don't see a pack listed it simply means it will not fit for various reasons.

If you don't see a specific Manufacture or Vehicle and are looking for a pack simply contact us at 1-888-654-4450 and we'll do our best to match you up with a pack.

Be sure to check back from time to time as we are always adding to the lists.

Our goal here at MaxAmps.com is to make your battery buying that much easier. We take all the guess work out of the purchase process so you can get out and enjoy your new RC vehicle much faster.

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The MaxAmps.com Team
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