New from MaxAmps:

ROAR APPROVED. presents the ultimate β€œSanction Spec” LiFe hard case racing pack. As you racers know, the most important factor for your batteries is voltage under load. This pack boasts a 60C rating for all your amp hungry racing setups. It will maintain higher voltage under load than any other LiFe battery pack we've tested. brings you the exclusive "Green Series" LiFePO4(LFP) battery packs. These new "life" packs will not catch fire or explode from over-charging. In addition to being safer than lipos, they are more robust.
They provide 1000+ usable cycles(4 times longer than lipos) under the same discharge conditions which makes these new packs the ultimate in performance and value. The new 4500mah 6.6V pack can be safely charged extremely fast using our Hyperion line of balance chargers under the LiFePO4 setting.
hard outer case
perfect fit in all standard rc car battery trays
same flat format as lipos(139mm x 47mm X 25.1mm)
up to 15C balance charge rate(67 amps)
up to 60C discharge rating(1700+ surge watts)
1000+ usable cycles
inherently safe technology
low voltage cutoff is not required
low-maintenance and user-friendly
water-sealed for all-weather protection
environmentally friendly
5 year 1000 cycle warranty now comes standard